can someone guide regarding which answer sty is better? bullet type\\\\para type


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      bhagat singh

      plz suggest me fiends, which type is better in answer writing for mains,..bullet type or continues flow para type. I know if we do not know much then writing in para will do better,but I have doubts regarding when u know the answer well,what style will fetch you more marks.
      Tan q

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      Hey Amit, it all depends on which sort of answer writing you are comfortable about and also on what kind of question is asked… Questions like Analyze, Describe, Examine etc need twisting of info according to their nature if yo can do it pointwise its great…. the whole idea is that you should be able to appeal your answer to examiner…. best way is to practice Insights answers the way you like, it will become a habit till exam… hope this helps…

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      There! AIR 1’s blog. He’s given good answer writing tips and justified it. He recommends you put your answer into clumps- an amalgam of paragraphs as well as bullets.

      I personally would write it in non-numbered bullets under sub headings.

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