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Diplomatic Passports

Facts for Prelims (FFP)


Source: IE

 Context: After sexual abuse allegations surfaced against Janata Dal (Secular) MP Prajwal Revanna, he fled to Germany using a diplomatic passport.


Aspect Details
About Diplomatic and Official passports are issued to individuals holding diplomatic status or deputed by the Government of India for official duty abroad. They have maroon covers and are valid for five years or less.


Benefits Holders enjoy specific privileges and immunities, including exemption from arrest, detention, and certain legal proceedings within the host country.
Issued To Those with diplomatic status or Government-appointed individuals on official business abroad or Officers working under branches A and B of the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) Relatives and immediate family of IFS and MEA officers or Selected individuals authorized for official government travel.
Grounds of Revocation Revocation grounds under the Passport Act 1967 include wrongful possession, suppression of material information, interests of India’s sovereignty and integrity, friendly relations with foreign countries, and more.
Exemption of Visa Requirements India has operational visa exemption agreements with 34 countries for diplomatic passport holders, including Germany, France, Austria, and Switzerland. Additionally, agreements with 99 other nations allow visa exemption for stays up to 90 days