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 Context: Self-bred corals from the World Coral Conservatory project have been added to Europe’s largest reef at Burgers’ Zoo in the Netherlands, offering hope amid declining coral populations worldwide.


  • Also, recently the 26th World Energy Congress, co-hosted by the World Energy Council (WEC), concluded in Rotterdam, Netherlands.


About World Coral Conservatory Project:

It was initiated in Monaco in 2019 and aims to safeguard a diverse collection of coral species by cultivating samples taken from the natural environment. Partnering with public and private aquariums, the project seeks to preserve living colonies of corals and share them for conservation efforts.


World Energy Council (WEC):

The WEC, established in 1923, is a UN-accredited non-profit global energy organization. It aims to facilitate access to clean, affordable, and reliable energy for improved lives and a sustainable planet. With over 3000 member organizations from around 90 countries, it develops practical solutions and brings together a network of global energy transition leaders and practitioners.


About the Netherlands (also known as Holland) 

It is a country in northwestern Europe. It borders Germany to the east and Belgium to the south, with a North Sea coastline. Dutch is the official language, with West Frisian in Friesland. The name “Netherlands” refers to its low elevation, with 26% below sea level, reclaimed as polders since the 14th century.