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Blue Whales makes a comeback in Seychelles



Source: TH

 Context: Blue whales, the largest mammal on Earth, have made a remarkable return near the Seychelles after a 60-year absence. Commercial whaling activities decimated their populations, leading to an 89-97% decline. However, recent expeditions conducted by researchers revealed sightings of up to 10 blue whales in the region, a surprising and encouraging discovery.


About the Blue Whales:

It is the largest and loudest animal on the planet and inhabits all oceans except the Arctic. With an estimated lifespan of 80 to 90 years, they typically swim alone or in pairs, occasionally forming small groups. Their diet consists mainly of krill and marine crustaceans. Threats to blue whales include vessel strikes and historical commercial whaling, leading to their endangered status according to the IUCN.


About the Republic of Seychelles

It is Africa’s smallest country and is an archipelago of 155 islands situated in the Indian Ocean, southeast of mainland Africa. Seychelles boast beaches, coral reefs, nature reserves, and unique wildlife, including giant Aldabra tortoises. It is located in the northeast of Madagascar, with Kenya about 1,600 kilometres to the west.