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Military Exercises in News

Facts for Prelims (FFP)


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Name Description
Exercise Poorvi Lehar


Exercise Poorvi Lehar (XPOL) is a maritime exercise conducted by the Indian Navy along the East Coast. Its aim is to validate procedures for assessing the Navy’s preparedness to tackle Maritime Security challenges in the region.
The exercise involved participation from Ships, Submarines, Aircraft, and Special Forces.
Multi-nation Combined Task Force-150 under Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) The Indian Navy seized drugs in the Arabian Sea as part of the multinational Combined Task Force-150 under CMF. This operation, known as Operation Crimson Barracuda, marks the first such initiative by the Indian Navy since joining CMF in 2022.

CMF is a multinational maritime partnership focused on upholding the Rules-Based International Order by countering illicit nonstate actors on the high seas and promoting security, stability, and prosperity in international waters. With 42 member countries (including India), CMF’s main focus areas include defeating terrorism, preventing piracy, encouraging regional cooperation, and promoting a safe maritime environment. Participation in CMF is voluntary, and it is commanded by a U.S. Navy Vice Admiral


Exercise Dustlik The fifth edition of the annual Exercise DUSTLIK, a joint military exercise between India and Uzbekistan, is being held from April 15–28, 2024, in Termez, Uzbekistan.
The exercise aims to bolster bilateral military cooperation, improve combined capabilities, and promote interoperability. It specifically concentrates on conducting joint operations in semi-urban and mountainous terrain.