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Initiatives of WHO

Facts for Prelims (FFP)


Source: WHO, WHO

Initiative Description
WHO’s First ever Patient Safety Rights Charter The World Health Organization (WHO) launched the Patient Safety Rights Charter at the Global Ministerial Summit on Patient Safety, developed under the theme “Engaging patients for patient safety” on World Patient Safety Day 2023. It aims to build patient-centered healthcare systems, improve patient safety, and reduce the risk of harm, supporting the implementation of the Global Patient Safety (GPS) Action Plan 2021–2030. India has signed the GPS Action Plan 2021-2030.


The Charter covers 10 Patient Safety Rights, including the right to timely, effective, and appropriate care, safe healthcare processes and practices, qualified health workers, safe medical products, dignity, respect, and more.


WHO prequalified the Euvichol-S vaccine for Cholera The WHO prequalified the Euvichol-S vaccine for Cholera, a simplified and cost-effective formulation of the oral cholera vaccine Euvichol-Plus.
Meaning of Prequalification: “Prequalified” means that the vaccine has undergone a rigorous assessment by the WHO and has been deemed to meet international standards of quality, safety, and efficacy. The vaccine is suitable for procurement by United Nations agencies and other international organizations
Cholera, caused by Vibrio cholerae bacteria, is transmitted through contaminated food or water, with the highest number of cases reported in the Middle East and Africa. India reported 132 cases in 2023 (till July).