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IMF’s Global Financial Stability Report 2024 Key findings: The IMF warns of rising cyber threats endangering macro-financial stability, with extreme losses reaching $2.5 billion. Cyberattacks have nearly doubled since the pandemic, with financial firms, especially banks, facing the brunt.
India ranks 10th in cybercrime, with advance fee payment frauds being the most common, according to the World Cybercrime Index developed by the University of Oxford and UNSW Canberra
Plastic Overshoot Day 2024 Report Released by Earth Action
Key Findings: In 2024, it’s projected for September 5th globally and April 23rd in India. There has been over 7% rise in global plastic waste since 2021, with 12 countries responsible for 60% of mismanaged plastic waste, including China, India, and Russia.
India is categorized as a Low-Waste-Producing Polluter with a high Mismanaged Waste Index (MWI)
Plastic Overshoot Day (similar to Earth Overshoot Day) marks when global plastic waste surpasses the world’s capacity to manage it, leading to pollution.
Global hepatitis report 2024 Released by WHO
India accounted for over 11% of the global burden of hepatitis B & C cases, ranking second after China.
Hepatitis is liver inflammation caused by various factors,  such as drugs, alcohol, and autoimmune disorders. Symptoms can range from jaundice and fever to chronic illness. The five main strains are A, B, C, D, and E, with B and C leading to chronic disease, liver cirrhosis, cancer, and death. While a vaccine exists for type B, none is available for type C.
World Hepatitis Day, observed on July 28 each year, aims to raise awareness about viral hepatitis and its global impact.
Government initiatives to tackle hepatitis include: the National Viral Hepatitis Control Program (aiming to eliminate viral hepatitis as a public health threat by 2030 in India); Universal Immunization Programme (UIP) (provides free vaccination against hepatitis B and other vaccine-preventable diseases, including tuberculosis, polio, pneumonia, and measles, among others)
Financing for Sustainable Development Report 2024 Released by United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA)
Key findings: Developing countries face a significant financing gap for achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), estimated between $2.5 trillion and $4 trillion annually. Systemic risks like the COVID-19 pandemic and more frequent disasters strain national financing frameworks
Recommendations: Enhance tax capacity to boost tax revenue for SDGs.
UN DESA (HQ: New York City; est.1948), supports countries in making informed decisions by offering information via publications, databases, and international discussions at forums like the UN General Assembly and ECOSOC. It releases report the World Social Report (since 1997)