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‘2+2’ defence and foreign ministerial dialogue

Facts for Prelims (FFP)


Source: ET

 Context: India and Brazil held their first ‘2+2’ defence and foreign ministerial dialogue in Delhi.


What is ‘2+2’ defence and foreign ministerial dialogue?

 The ‘2+2’ defence and foreign ministerial dialogue involves high-level meetings between the defence and foreign ministers of two countries. It aims to enhance cooperation and coordination on defence and foreign policy matters between the participating nations. India has ‘2+2’ dialogues with the US, Australia, Japan, Brazil etc.

In the ‘2+2’ Dialogue, India and Brazil discussed expanding cooperation in energy, critical minerals, technology, and counter-terrorism.

India-Brazil Relations:

Bilateral relations between India and Brazil have been strategic partners since 2006, with cooperation in various multilateral forums like the UN, G20, BRICS, and IBSA. They support each other for permanent seats in the UNSC as part of the G4 alliance. They also collaborate in initiatives like the International Solar Alliance and MERCOSUR. India is Brazil’s 5th largest trading partner, and ISRO launched Brazil’s satellite Amazonia-1 in 2021. Brazil’s expertise in biofuels complements India’s initiatives, including the Global Biofuels Alliance.