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EDITORIAL ANALYSIS : Looking to the future on St. Patrick’s Day


Source: The Hindu


  • Prelims: Current events of international importance(FTA, India-UK relations, G20, tariff etc)
  • Mains GS Paper II & III: Bilateral, regional and global grouping involving India and affecting India’s interests etc



  • India and Ireland will celebrate 75 years of diplomatic relations this year.
  • Patrick’s Day: National Day that is an opportunity to celebrate Ireland with the more than 70 million people globally who claim Irish ancestry and the many more who show their fondness for Ireland in any number of ways



India-Ireland relations:

  • India and Ireland have traditionally had cordial and friendly relations going back to the time of our freedom movement.
  • Economic relations: complementarities between our flagship programmes, in particular Skill India and Digital India programmes and Ireland’s proven educational institutions.
  • Bilateral trade: Two-way trade in goods, Euro 463 million in 2010 now stands at Euro 650 million.
  • Total trade in goods and services in 2013 was €2.48 billion, up from €2.2 billion in 2012.
  • There are about 26,000 Indians or persons of Indian origin in Ireland, of whom about 17,000 are Indian
  • The bulk of the community is in healthcare (doctors and nurses), IT, engineering and senior management positions.
  • Ireland is becoming a significant destination for Indian students seeking higher education, particularly post-graduate, doctoral and postdoctoral students.
  • There are over 1,400 Indian students in Irish higher educational institutions

Ireland’s stand on conflicts:

  • Ireland has a clear and principled position on conflicts.
  • Ireland demanded accountability, internationally, for Russia’s illegal invasion
    • Ireland is the strongest supporter of Ukraine’s path to European Union membership.
  • Ireland condemned Hamas’s terrorist attack in October and have called at every juncture for all hostages in Gaza to be released unconditionally.
    • upholding of international humanitarian law, a humanitarian ceasefire and for sustained humanitarian assistance to be provided for the civilians in Gaza.

The role of young people in the growth:

  • Young people are at the heart of Ireland, a great place to invest, trade, visit and study too.
  • Ireland is home for all five of the world’s top software companies and 14 of the top 15 medical technology companies globally.
  • Those companies, and very many others, have put down roots in Ireland because of:
    • economic track record
    • stability
    • ease of doing business
    • access to a European Union market of 450 million people.
  • Talent pool, with brilliant globally-connected young people from across the European Union, who are a key part of our dynamic workforce.
  • Ireland is a country where enterprise is valued and young entrepreneurs are supported to bring their products and ideas to international markets.
  • Irish university system attracts thousands of students from around the world because of the safe, welcoming and culturally rich environment on offer in Ireland for young people.
  • Ireland featured in the top 10 countries in the UN’s Human Development Index.

Way Forward

  • India has a great contribution to Irish society as leaders in IT, health care and a number of key sectors.
    • They breathe lifeblood into the bilateral relationship of today, as much as our Irish and Indian freedom fighters provided the soul of our partnership in the past.
  • Old Irish saying, Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na Daoine (We live in each other’s shadow”).
    • This will remain true for young people in the world of the years to come.
  • Protecting and supporting each other, and building enduring partnerships, has never been more vital.
  • The partnership extends far beyond trade and investment into culture, sport, education and tourism too.



The judicial systems in India and the UK seem to be converging as well as diverging in recent times. Highlight the key points of convergence and divergence between the two nations in terms of their judicial practices.(UPSC 2020) (200 WORDS, 10 MARKS)


Editorial Analysis – 16 Mar 2024