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Content for Mains Enrichment (CME)


Source: IE

Context: South Korean company Hyodol has introduced an AI social robot priced at $1,800 to combat loneliness among seniors, particularly those with dementia.

Deployed by the South Korean government, these robots offer customized care, including conversation, music, reminders, and health monitoring features. They utilize advanced language processing and emotional AI systems to provide realistic engagement. However, concerns about data privacy and security remain regarding the extensive data collection by the robot.


Other such robots for elders are:

  1. ElliQ: AI-powered social robot designed to provide companionship, cognitive stimulation, and assistance with daily activities.
  2. CarePredict: Wearable AI device that monitors seniors’ activities, detects anomalies, and provides insights into their well-being.
  3. Cutii: French AI companion robot equipped with video conferencing, entertainment features, and reminders for medication and appointments.
  4. Zora: AI-powered humanoid robot used in elder care facilities to provide entertainment, assistance, and companionship to residents.