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Facts for Prelims (FFP)


Source: DTE

 Context: India’s pressmud, a byproduct in the sugar industry, can be a valuable resource for compressed biogas (CBG) production.


What is Pressmud and how it is produced?

Pressmud, also known as filter cake or press cake, is a residual byproduct in the sugar industry. It is produced during the sugar extraction process from sugarcane. The sugarcane is crushed to extract juice, and pressmud is the solid residue left behind after squeezing out the juice. Other by-products are: Bagasse, molasses



It has the potential use in generating compressed biogas (CBG) through anaerobic digestion and subsequent purification. With the potential to generate 460,000 tonnes of CBG valued at Rs 2,484 crore, pressmud offers advantages like a simplified supply chain, concentrated sourcing, and cost-effectiveness.

However, challenges include rising pressmud prices, competition for alternative uses, and storage issues. To fully exploit this resource, interventions such as streamlined bioenergy policies, price control mechanisms, and research on storage technologies are essential.