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Given below are the three quotations of great thinkers. What does each of these quotations convey to you in the present context?


1. “The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand
heads bowing in prayer.” – Mahatma Gandhi (Answer in 150 words)10



The above quote highlights the significance of compassionate actions over mere ritualistic gestures.



This quote carries profound significance in the present context as acts of kindness have the following positive effects :

1) Ripple effect – COVID-19 pandemic, countless individuals and organizations worldwide engaged in acts of kindness. These stories of compassion highlighted by the media inspired many more to act in their capacity.

2) Acts of Compassion over Symbolic Gestures

For instance, The American Red Cross Society hosts blood drives in Churches that help treat sickle cell disease, a genetically inherited disorder.

3)Can drive Social Change – Collective acts of kindness can bring about positive social change.

E.g. – Indian Union Health Minister urging the population to make organ donation a social movement

4) Fosters Unity and harmony –

 ‘Iftar for All’ initiative in the UK to provide food parcels for those in need throughout the month of Ramadan.  Such initiatives in a pluralistic society like India can help promote brotherhood that transcends religious differences.

5) Address real needs

The State Blood Transfusion Council (SBTC) of Maharashtra taking cognizance of the shortage of blood had urged religious organisations requesting them to hold blood donation camps.

6) Creates value-based society – Community service based on the value that- the ‘best way to find oneself is to lose oneself in the service of others’.




While Sarve bhavantu Sukinah” ( let there be well-being for all ) is a noble prayer, it is time we translate our good intentions into empathetic actions. It is high time we as a society realise that -“Helping hands are better than praying lips”.