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India’s Pond Man

Content for Mains Enrichment (CME)


Source: IE

Ramveer Tanwar, known as ‘India’s Pond Man,‘ is dedicated to restoring and revitalizing lakes, ponds, and wetlands across India

Through his NGO, Say Earth, Tanwar employs sustainable methods and community-driven approaches to clean and restore these water reservoirs.

Born in an agricultural family in Greater Noida, Tanwar witnessed the decline of the ponds and lakes he had cherished during his childhood. His passion for water conservation led him to start awareness initiatives like ‘Jal Chaupals’ during college. In 2015, he and volunteers cleaned their first pond, initiating his journey.

After working for an MNC for two years, Tanwar decided to pursue water conservation full-time and founded Say Earth in 2020.

They clear garbage, install filtration systems, and promote native aquatic plants, resulting in the restoration of 80 water bodies across India.


Usage: The example can be used in Essay/ Ethics (to show values of Environmental Stewardship, Sustainability, Dedication, Empowerment, Collaboration, etc.)/ Environment/ Agriculture/ Geography Questions.