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Hubble Space Telescope captures ‘ghostly’ glow of distant galaxy




Context: The Hubble Space Telescope has captured an image of a distant galaxy named ESO 300-16, situated approximately 28.7 million light-years away in the Eridanus constellation.

  • ESO 300-16 is categorized as an irregular galaxy due to its vague shape and absence of features like spiral arms or a nuclear bulge.
  • It resembles a cloud formation, formed by clusters of small stars. The galaxy’s core is surrounded by soft, diffuse light, and a bubble of bright blue gas is visible at its centre.


About Hubble Space Telescope:

  • NASA launched Hubble in 1990. 
  • Expanding the frontiers of the visible Universe, the Hubble Space Telescope looks deep into space with cameras that can see across the entire optical spectrum from infrared to ultraviolet. 
  • The Hubble Space Telescope makes one orbit around Earth every 95 minutes.