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[ Day 60 – August 17, 2023] 75 Days Mains Revision Plan 2023 – GS3 & Ethics



Q1. Expert says that Indian private sector investment has been weak for almost a decade now. Identify the factors inhibiting it and suggest measures to address them. (10M)


Q2. Do you believe that the Green Revolution has had a lasting positive impact on India’s agricultural sector? Is India prepared for another Green Revolution. (15M)




Syllabus: “Strengthening of ethical and moral values in governance;”

Q3. “Ethical curriculum and training in our country is inadequate to deal with the emerging ethical challenges.” Do you agree? Justify your opinion (10M)


Case Study


Q4. You are working as a clerk in a government office which is responsible for distributing free food ration to eligible beneficiaries. You have found good amount of satisfaction in your work since it routinely lets you help people. All was going well in your department, services were being disbursed, people were happy and trust of the common public was also high on your department. All this started to change when a new head was chosen to this department. This new head was stickler for rules and regulation, he also had a general disregard for poor people. He held quite many prejudices against the poor. No matter what advice other officers gave to him, he rarely followed them. He just went with his instincts. Poor people started to suffer because of this. Trust that the common public had started to recede.

All this has caused a great much of stress to you. You no longer enjoy your work. You cannot bring yourself to respect your boss. The stress that you are harboring is also causing problems in your private life.

In the context of the above situation, answer the following questions:

1)  What are the ways through which you can alleviate your emotional stress?

2)  How can moral values be strengthened in our government departments to prevent bosses like this acting in a such a narrow manner?

3)  How would you advice the new boss in this situation to change his attitude? Briefly discuss. Justify your advice on ethical grounds.


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