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The Ganga Afforestation Project Falls Short of Target


Source: DTE

 Context: An afforestation initiative aimed at protecting the Ganga River has concluded its first phase without achieving its goals, according to a Right to Information (RTI)-based investigation.

  • The project, which aimed to plant trees along the banks of the Ganga River, managed to cover only a little over 22% of the target area during its initial phase (2016-2021).

The project, overseen by the National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG), aimed to enhance water retention, reduce erosion, and improve the overall hydrological cycle.


About NMCG:

This mission was established under the Societies Registration Act,1860 as a registered society.



  • The mission incorporates rehabilitating and boosting the existing STPs (Sewage Treatment Plants) and instant short-term steps to curb pollution at exit points on the riverfront in order to check the inflow of sewage.
  • To regenerate and maintain the natural vegetation of the area.
  • To conserve and regenerate the aquatic biodiversity as well as the riparian biodiversity of the river Ganga basin.
  • To allow the participation of the public in the process of protection, rejuvenation and management of the river.