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[ Day 50 – August 7, 2023] 75 Days Mains Revision Plan 2023 – Indian Society & Ethics


Indian Society


Q1. The institution of marriage rests on equal partnership. Comment (10M)


Q2. Critically compare ‘Affirmative Action’ of USA and ‘Protective Discrimination’ for scheduled Tribes in India. (15M)




Q3. What do you understand by the terms “Terminal values” and “Instrumental values”? Explain the importance of human values in the life of an individual. (10M)


Case Study


Q4. You have just completed your graduation in Engineering and you are recruited to a high paying Multi-National Corporation (MNC). Your father has expired in your childhood days and that pushed your family into abject poverty. Your mother struggled to educate you and she now finds solace and meaning for her agony in the fact that you have got a job and she wishes to lead the life ahead peacefully under your care.

You have become the favorite subordinate of your boss. After three months, some shocking facts comes to your revelation. Your boss is a Hindu from upper caste background and he likes you for being not only a Hindu but also for belonging to his caste. Above all, every year he has recommended poor performance rating to his subordinates from Islamic community. This not only reduced their increment in salary but also led to loss of job for some. Also, he allocates burdensome tasks to Muslims and easier ones to Hindus. He is rude to Muslims and polite to Hindus.

You are deeply disturbed by this conduct of your boss; you are unable to work enthusiastically and productively under him. You come to know from a colleague that he does not take any opinion on religion that is contrary to his opinion and he even discriminates Hindus if they are secular. He suggests you to resign the job if he is psychologically uncomfortable in this company.

What are the options before you in this situation? Analyse their merits and demerits.


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