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Sangam literature


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 Context: The Tamil Nadu Text Book and Education Services Corporation has published a collection of ten idylls called Patthuppattu, one of the earliest Sangam poetry collections.

  • The publication pays tribute to Ve. Swaminatha Iyer, dedicated himself to finding ancient palm leaf manuscripts containing Tamil literary works.


About Sangam Period:

  • The Sangam period or age, particularly referring to the third Sangam period, is the period of the history of ancient Tamil Nadu, Kerala and parts of Sri Lanka (then known as Tamilakam), spanning from 6th century BCE to c. 3rd century CE.
  • Historians and Ideologists regard the Sangam period as the ‘classical age’ of the Tamils analogous to the age of the classics in Greece and Rome and to that of the Renaissance of later period in Europe.
  • The term ‘Sangam’ literally means ‘confluence’