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[ Day 16 – July 4, 2023] 75 Days Mains Revision Plan 2023 – GS Paper 1 & Ethics


GS Paper 1

Q1. Through the Satyagraha movement, Gandhi instigated a transformative shift in the mindset of the masses, effectively heralding the downfall of imperialism in India. Discuss. (10M)


Q2. Discuss the potential implications of reduced flow of major Himalayan rivers, as glaciers and ice sheets are expected to recede in the future due to global warming. (15M)




Syllabus: Moral and political attitudes

Q3. Discuss the challenges of tackling moral dilemmas when different and seemingly moral attitudes collide. (10M)


Case Study

Q4. You are appointed as a senior sales manager for a top manufacturing company in one of the states in India. One of your responsibilities entails you to find more opportunities for your company elsewhere in the country and in the world. When perusing for such opportunities, you observed that the neighboring state has a huge market potential which is yet to be untapped by your company.

When you asked around, why this obvious opportunity has been untapped yet, the company officials replied that their competitor staying in the other state has enjoyed greater acceptance from the local people, locals see this company as a heritage of their state. Moreover, the officials running this company, are appointees with political background who command a lot of regional support.

When your predecessor tried to tap this potential market, these political appointees prevented your entry by creating an image that your entry is against the regional interest and pride of the state. Fearful of the backlash, your company has so far stayed away from this. However, the company gives you the go-ahead if you wish to pursue this issue, provided it does not create a backlash against your company. Hoping for good results, you have scheduled a meeting with the management of the other company, you are hoping that you will convince them to see the truth that the state has enough market to support both the companies and both companies can work together to compliment each other and develop globally in a much more effective manner.

In the context of the above case study, answer the following questions:

      1. Explain in detail how you would go about in achieving your objective?
      2. How does regional pride shape the moral attitudes of individuals from the concerned region?
      3. Do political attitudes based on regional interests harm our constitutional values?

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