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[ Day 12 – June 30, 2023] 75 Days Mains Revision Plan 2023 – Geography & Ethics



Q1. Describe major geological fault lines and seismic zones of the world. What are the geological characteristics and tectonic activity that make the Anatolia plate (Turkey) prone to earthquakes? (10M)


Q2. Explain the environmental consequences of the shrinking ice caps and glaciers. How do these changes impact global sea levels and climate patterns? (15M)




Q3. An optimistic attitude though feasible in raising hopes in an individual might seem unrealistic given some of the moral dilemmas faced by individuals in their personal and private spheres. Do you agree with this statement? Justify you opinion (10M)


Case Study

Q4. Karma is a block level school inspector. On one of his rounds to a school he notices that three primary teachers have remained absent for many days. One of them has taken sick leave while the two others are absent without intimation. The children in the primary classes spend most of their time in the school playing or wandering about. Some other teachers take their classes occasionally when they get time. But their lessons have become very irregular Karma interrogates the non-teaching staff and the headmistress about this state of affairs. The headmistress expresses helplessness. She has tried contacting the absentee teachers but been denied talking to them on some or the other pretext or her calls have gone unanswered.

(i) Consider the following suggestions that Karma can give to the headmistress in this scenario. Choose one or any other that would be most apt giving reasons to justify your choice.

a) The service of the absentee teachers who have gone without applying for leave and are not available on the phone be terminated with immediate effect.

b) Send a non-teaching staff to their homes and find out the reason behind their absence.

c) Hire contractual teachers for the time being.

d) Wait for the absent teachers to come back.

(ii) Highlight the importance of and ways to cultivate good attitude amongst educators in the education system in India.

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