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India outperforms the US and China in LEED net zero certifications


Source: Hindustan Times

Context: India has emerged as a top country with LEED Zero green building projects, outperforming the United States of America and China.


Key Findings:

  • Out of 150 LEED Zero-certified projects, India has 73 projects, accounting for 45% of the total. Haryana and Tamil Nadu are the top states in terms of certifications.
  • The United States and China follow with 47 (30%) and 15 (10%) certifications respectively.


About LEED Zero Green Building Projects:

  • LEED Zero recognizes projects that have achieved net zero or net positive status in carbon, energy, water, or waste categories. India’s strong position in LEED Zero projects reflects its commitment to sustainability and aligns with its ambitious target of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2070.
  • The building and construction sector in India accounts for nearly one-third of the country’s carbon emissions. The LEED Zero projects in India include various types of buildings such as offices, hospitality facilities, retail malls, manufacturing facilities, and data centres.
  • LEED Zero has four categories that recognize net-zero status in carbon, energy, water, and waste over a 12-month period.