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[ Timetable ] MISSION 2024 : Simplifying your Preparation to Crack UPSC CSE 2024


Hello Dear Students,

MISSION 2024 Timetable is finally here and it begins from tomorrow!

Our website was founded with the noble mission of democratizing access to resources and empowering every UPSC CSE aspirant located in any part of our country. In pursuance of our mission to create a level-playing field for all aspirants irrespective of their economic background, we provide top-quality resources at no cost on our website, along with paid initiatives.

This MISSION 2024 is a free initiative that intends to equip every aspirant with a detailed, well-curated and sustainable plan that combines preparation for all three stages of the exam – Prelims, Mains & Interview.

This plan empowers you to be All ready for each stage of the exam by both implicitly and explicitly preparing you to ace every stage!

UPSC CSE seems to be Unpredictable and dicey but it is not impossible to crack it. The examination process is very much rational to select the candidates with good aptitude, abilities, emotional intelligence and right attitude.


Considering the number of candidates applying for the exam, UPSC has always proven itself to ensure to select the finest candidates by introducing novelty and unique strategy to eliminate candidates every year. With this it is obvious that the difficulty level in every phase is increasing. But you have no option to complain and sob about this if you are to realize your dreams. Instead, you need to gear up yourself and up the game!


And how do you do it?

You need to realize that success in UPSC depends on various factors including exceptional skill-set, aptitude, attitude along with conceptual clarity. One can acquire these only if one is CONSISTENT, DEDICATED & DETERMINED. You do not need to study everything under the sun. You also do not need to burn the midnight lamp always to clear this exam.

You need to have a sustainable plan, daily targets and most importantly you should not miss Practice – Practice of solving MCQs, Practice of Writing Answers and Practice the analytical thinking and developing one’s personality.


Team Insights IAS is here again with MISSION 2024 which is in all regards an ambitious yet achievable plan!!

The Mission 2024 not only gives you targets but will definitely inch you towards realizing your goal every single day.


The InsightsIAS Mission-2024 Plan has three ambitious targets for you:

  • Prelims Mission 100+
  • Mains Mission 850+
  • Interview Mission 190+


This Plan integrates all the three stages of the exam to ensure your overall development.

  1. Prelims Mission 100 +: You must aim to score 100+ in Paper-1 of UPSC civil services Prelims exam. And 90+ in CSAT paper (though the qualifying Marks is 67+).This is to ensure that you don’t waste even a day after Prelims & preparing for Mains.
  2. Prelims 2023 has illustrated the importance of solving quizzes and Mock Tests. The exam expected accuracy along with the other skills. You can improve your accuracy with PRACTICE

Everyday you will be solving our Static, CA, QUED, RTM quizzes and DART CSAT quiz.


But how? To achieve 110+ in Paper-1 and 90+ in Paper-2, you must do the following:

  • Strong foundation of basic knowledge guided by the syllabus

This will be achieved by completing Mission- 2024 Daily Targets. Every day you will be given a fixed syllabus to complete. On that syllabus we will be posting both MCQs and Mains questions (as part of Secure-2024). You must read the related texts, especially NCERT books and then give these daily quizzes. At the same time, you should analyse and revise these quizzes on a daily basis to ensure maximum retention.

Those who have a strong foundation of static parts – conceptual clarity, retention of key facts & examples, ability to relate static with current issues will be able to score good marks in Paper-1 of Prelims exam.

  • Solve questions on a daily and weekly basis

Coupled with the above, you must enroll in a test series and ensure that weekly revision of daily targets is done and a test is given. If not a test series, you can buy question banks and solve questions on related topics. Practicing tests from the very beginning will give you the opportunity to make many mistakes and learn from them. Never keep tests pending till the end.

Solving MCQs on a regular basis helps you get better at intelligent guessing and elimination skills. Our Daily initiative of Static Quiz must be solved every day as part of this plan. The questions under Static Quiz will be based on the topics given in the Timetable we are giving you.

  • Current Affairs from One Source and through MCQs and Secure

On our website we post so much current affairs. If you can read our Daily CA and solve Daily CA Quizzes, you don’t have to go for another source. Every aspect of CA is covered through all our initiatives.

You can also revise the current affairs through the Weekly and Monthly compilations of Current affairs.

From Mains perspective we have Secure and Editorials too. Add to this the New Initiative of QUED (Questions from Editorial) MCQs. It’s only out of insecurity that most aspirants go for multiple sources and end up revising none.

The smartest thing you should do is to simplify the exam preparation by sticking to one source and revise it multiple times. Helps build strong pictorial memory of facts and concepts thereby helping you in quick recollection of answers in the exam hall.

  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly revision

Without revising what you are studying you cannot clear this exam. You may enrich yourself with new knowledge on a daily basis, but without consolidating the knowledge you have gained, retention becomes difficult. Therefore, the Mission-2024 will include Daily and weekly and monthly revision routine embedded in the plan. All you need to do is to impose your faith in the plan and try to be as punctual as possible. You cannot always follow it. If there is a gap of a few days, don’t worry. Start again. But never give up.


Mains Mission 850+

If you want a Rank in Top 100, you must score 850+ in Mains.
To achieve such marks, what is required is consistent writing practice from Day-1 and Week-1.

The knowledge you gain through studying textbooks and websites must be tested regularly. Learning to apply your knowledge in all the Prelims and Mains papers simultaneously will prepare you to any uncertainty that might come in your way.

As part of Mission-2024, the Secure Initiative will have static questions that will be based on the topics given under the timetable.

Every day you need  to write 1-2 Optional answers and 1-2 Secure answers. The number of answers which you should write will gradually increase every 15-30 days. For example, after 2 months you will be asked to write 3-4 Secure answers and 3-4 Optional answers.


On Sundays, you can revise all the weekly targets which you have met and in addition write an essay too. You will also be asked to solve prelims tests.

Combined, this will take care of overall Mains preparation from Day-1.

To ensure that you are not alone in this, we will engage with you with Weekly Discussion Threads to resolve all your doubts. And there will be regular motivational posts to keep you on track.

If you find things hectic, don’t stop following this Plan. Instead, tweak it to make it suitable for your routine. For example, write only 1 answer instead of 2. Or solve less MCQs. But ensure that there is continuity and gradual increase in what you are accomplishing on a day-to-day basis.

This is an ambitious plan that requires 10-12 hours of dedicated preparation every day. Remember the Targets. Getting 100+ in Prelims or 850+ in Mains is not easy in one attempt. This requires hard work. There is no shortcut. All you need to do is invest your time and faith in this plan.


Mission Interview 190+

One thing that is prominently missing in UPSC civil services exam preparation among most candidates is the importance given to for personality development. Especially with a clear aim of scoring good marks in Personality Test (Interview). It’s difficult to score 190+ in the interview stage if you are not focusing on it from Day-1.

One important aspect that helps candidates to score good Marks in Interview is to prepare a strong Detailed Application Form (DAF) – to help the interview panel to ask you questions from diverse areas.


In addition to your Place, Optional subject, academic background you must have more in your DAF to get thoughtful questions to engage the panel intellectually. This can happen only by having meaningful hobbies or interests upon which you have a strong grasp. Pursuing these hobbies at least 1-2 years before you give an interview will give required depth to answer tricky questions in a real interview.


Of course, in addition you must possess qualities of humility, confidence, respectfulness, intellectual integrity, assertiveness, conviction, clear logical exposition, presence of mind, good comprehension skills, great listening power etc. Most of these qualities are already part of your personality. By pursuing hobbies and interests regularly, and by following a plan like Mission-2023, most of these qualities can be further strengthened.


You can start pursuing hobbies like:

  1. Writing or blogging on socio-economic-cultural issues (not political)
  2. Writing on specific themes like Disruptive Technologies, climate Change, Pollution, Economic policies, Development, Women empowerment, Weaker sections, Disasters, Security issues etc
  3. Watching documentaries on diverse topics of current importance
  4. Teach related hobbies like Ethical hacking, Coding, Start-ups, etc
  5. Social entrepreneurship, social service, NGO activities (weekly basis)
  6. Travelling, Trekking, visiting temples and monuments etc
  7. Sports
  8. Farming
  9. Meditation, Yoga

For this we have included 30 minutes to 1 hour every day for you to pursue any hobby of your liking.

Pursuing hobbies helps you not only relax and de-stress, but also help develop a great personality. Helps your mental and physical health. All you need is discipline and self-motivation to pursue them regularly.


 Why must you choose to follow it?

  1. It is Free: no subscription charges or fees, just an internet connection and your dedication & consistency.
  2. Inclusion of Interview related aspects is the novel feature that you will find in this Plan.
  3. Synced with the IPM idea of REVSION THROUGH MULTIPLE ROUNDS(IPM and YLM has a component of assured review of 2 answers of SECURE Questions every day).
  4. In the first round from 21st June till December
  5. Study and Revise subject-wise: every single day and weekly.
  6. Round 2 onwards Ethics is covered every Saturday. Thus, GS4 paper is given importance too.
  7. 75 Days prelims plan starts from 11th March,2024: Thus, you will be following those quizzes along with this plan as they are in sync.
  8. You will be consistent in your preparation & this plan ensures your holistic development.



  1. Our founder, Vinay Sir, will be interacting with you all on a monthly basis: motivating you’ll to follow the plan, and giving exemplary guidance that Sir is known for.
  2. Sessions with subject faculties: both before and after that subject is completed. They will guide you on the approach to be taken and resources to be followed.
  3. Our Team will always be available on the DISQUS platform for doubts clearance.



The InsightsIAS Mission – 2024 intends to give you a clear direction for the next one year as to what to do, what to follow and how to be consistent. 


It is not easy to follow this plan. It requires extraordinary Will and dedication from your end. But we know that you are capable, you have the potential to achieve your goal. You want an AIR-1? Then work smart & persevere. It is a matter of just one year, that’s it. Be disciplined now. The pain of discipline is much better than the pain of regret. Grab this opportunity, make use of our resources and emerge victorious! You can and we know that you will! Comment below and tell us: are you ready to follow this plan & ace the exam?




Please note: As many of you had requested for Booklist earlier , we are hereby Providing a sample Booklist. Your selection of books may vary depending on your preference. However the listed books are widely recommended by toppers.



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