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Arundhati Roy


Source: TH

Writer Arundhati Roy has been awarded the 45th European Essay Prize for lifetime achievement by the Charles Veillon Foundation. She received the prize for the French translation of her compilation of essays titled “Azadi” (2021).

The jury praised her use of the essay as a form of combat, analyzing fascism and its structure, which is an increasingly relevant issue. In “Azadi,” Roy explores the meaning of freedom in a world facing growing authoritarianism and includes reflections on language, fiction, and alternative imaginations.

Usage: Her writings show the value of Political engagement, critical thinking, fearlessness, advocacy for freedom, and a strong social and global consciousness.


About the prize:

The European Essay Prize has been awarded since 1975 to authors whose writings contribute to the evolution of thought and provide commentary on current societies, practices, and ideologies.