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Squash World Cup


Source: TH

 Context: The Squash World Cup, set to take place in Chennai, from June 13 to 17, is introducing some exciting changes to attract attention and engage more people in the sport.


Changes introduced:

The tournament will feature a mixed team competition and will be played in the format of a best-of-five game, with each game played to seven points instead of the usual 11. In case of a tie, the winning team will be determined by the greater positive difference between games won and lost. The players believe the new format will bring a more aggressive and thrilling style of play to the tournament.

About Squash:

Squash is a fast-paced racquet sport played by two players (singles) or four players (doubles) on a four-walled court. The objective is to hit a small rubber ball against the front wall, making it difficult for the opponent to return.