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[ADMISSIONS OPEN] Comprehensive Public Administration ( CPA) for CSE Mains 2023 by Insights IAS – Target 300+ in Public Administration






Hello everyone,

It has been a few days since UPSC conducted prelims exam. We all know that the questions were highly unexpected, broad and difficulty level was increased. UPSC will always ensure and find its way to select students with thorough examination process. However, it is the accepted fact that instead of sobbing for a long time gear up yourself and level up your game!

Also, you have to keep moving ahead. If you are getting 80 plus in GS and clearing Csat comfortably then start preparing for this Mains 2023. Even otherwise, you don’t have an option. If you want to give mains next year, then this is the best time to prepare for Mains exam.

Approach it like this – you are going to give Mains this year, either in exam hall or in insights test centre or your library – but YOU ARE WRITING MAINS EXAM this year!!

In this context, we have decided to conduct a comprehensive course for Public Administration Optional for 2023 Mains exam.

We understand that there are multiple types of students who will be giving Mains 2023.

Category A

  • If you are a person who is giving your Mains exam for the first time with Public Administration optional (or)
  • you have scored less than 250 marks in Public Administration in the previous Mains exam (or)
  • You only have class notes or reference books and have not consolidated your notes and you do not have short notes (or)
  • You are not clearing this prelims exam and you are preparing for next year Mains exam

If you fall under the above category, you need a slightly different approach which we are catering through our Comprehensive Public Administration course.


Category B

If you are a student who has given multiple Mains exam with Public Administration optional and you have done all the foundation work like short notes on all topics in the syllabus and answers for pyqs and your scores are in the range of 250 to 260 , then you need answer writing practice and individualized guidance to score one mark more in every question. For such students we recommend Public Administration Test series course conducted by Insights IAS .

Unlike GS papers, optional subjects need a unique approach. It is a make or break subject to get into the final list. If you score 280 or 300 plus in optional, your chances of getting into top 100 Ranks is very high .

If you have given mains, you would have realised that you can’t get hold on optionals by studying for one or two weeks. It needs constant learning and improvement. Or else you will end up getting around 250 or less in optionals which is not sufficient to take you to top 100.

Hence, we have designed this course in such a way that, you will put constant effort on optionals for at least 3 to 4 hours everyday till Mains 2023


Features of the Comprehensive Public Administration program 2023


3 Phased Approach

Phase 1 (Starts from 15th June 2023)  :

  • Write answers for PYQs for very important chapters.
  • Daily targets in terms of topics to be read will be posted. In addition, few PYQs will be posted for which you should write answers every day .
  • (Daily questions will be uploaded in telegram channel)
  • For every few days short tests on a few topics or a chapter will be given so that you get writing practice.
  • Discussion will be conducted on these tests.

(Note : No evaluation or synopsis at this stage .)

By the end of this phase, you should have revised and written answers for important chapters like

  • Introduction
  • Administrative Thought
  • Administrative Behavior
  • organizations
  • Comparative Public Administration
  • Development Dynamics
  • Personnel Administration
  • Public policy

Phase 1 – Short tests for important chapters (125 marks each ; all questions are compulsory )


Phase 2 ( Starts from 10th July 2023   ) : Crash course

Three -staged approach will be followed .

  1. conceptual clarity on all the keywords in syllabus
  2. Short notes on key topics (to revise before exam )
  3. Discussion along with answer writing on PYQs and a few probable questions

Here, we will focus on structure , organisation , presentation of answers . Usage of Public administration specific language , keywords , names of thinkers their works etc . This will help you to increase your scores.

(Goal is to compress entire paper 1 and paper 2 in less than 200 sheets )


Phase 3 (After crash course till 5th Sept. 2023 )   : Revision of the crash course notes plus test series

In this stage you should focus on revision and improving your writing skills

Total 6 Tests – UPSC format + 2 complementary tests

Tests Date Papers
Test 1 5th Aug 2023 Paper 1, Section A
Test 2 12th Aug 2023 Paper 1, Section B
Test 3 19th Aug 2023 Paper 2, Section A
Test 4 26th Aug 2023 Paper 2, Section B
Test 5 5th Sept. 2023 Paper 1 Full Syllabus
Test 6 5th Sept. 2023 Paper 2, Full Syllabus


  • In this stage, evaluation and individual feedback will be available .
  • Discussion for Last 2 full lengths (Test 5 and 6 )
  • Test 7 and 8 for practice after GS 4 exam before optional exam (no evaluation)


Fee: Rs. 9500/- incl. taxes

Early Bird Discount : 15% till 15th June 2023

Old Subscriber Discount : 10%

Course valid till September 2023



For any queries contact,

mail :

Contact: 08069405205 (toll free)

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