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Global Ocean Census

Facts for Prelims (FFP)


Source: Mongabay


Context: A new initiative called ‘The Ocean Census initiative’ aims to discover 100,000 new marine species within ten years, utilizing advanced technologies like high-resolution imagery, DNA sequencing, and machine learning.


Need: Scientists estimate that only about 10% of marine species have been formally described, leaving approximately 2 million species unidentified.


The Plan:

The Ocean Census plans to conduct multiple expeditions to marine biodiversity hotspots, with the first expedition already underway in the Barents Sea. The initiative seeks to build upon previous efforts such as the Challenger Expeditions and the Census of Marine Life (between 2000 to 2010).


Implemented by:

It is jointly established by The Nippon Foundation (a non-profit philanthropic organization in Japan) and Nekton Foundation (marine science and conservation institute in the U.K) to discover unknown marine life