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[ ADMISSIONS OPEN] Essay Edge Course 2023 by Mr. Farees Rahman , Faculty @ Insights IAS

Essay Edge Course 2023

For skill and expertise enhancement with capability strengthening in essay writing




Fee: Rs. 10000/-
Early Bird Discount : 10% till 7th June 2023

Starts from : 16th June 2023

The essay is a crucial component of the UPSC Civil Service Main Examination. It holds significant weightage and can greatly enhance your overall mains score, in conjunction with your optional subject. Several individuals have achieved commendable ranks solely by obtaining a high score in the essay paper, along with decent scores in other subjects.

As you are all aware, the nature and scoring of the Essay paper have changed since the 2021 mains examination. The topics now are primarily philosophical in nature, making essay writing more challenging, and consequently, overall scores have dipped. In previous years, with sufficient efforts, scores of 140 and above, even reaching 150+, could be attained. However, in the past two years, surpassing the 130+ mark has become a formidable task.

Staying true to its motto of Simplifying UPSC preparation, InsightsIAS is delighted to announce the launch of the Essay Edge Course by its expert faculty, Mr. Farees Rahman. This course is designed to help you conquer the challenges in essay writing and master the art of crafting exceptional essays.

Features of the course:

  1. There will be a total of 11 classes, subdivided as follows:
    1. 4 classes- Skill enhancement sessions with effective exercises in-class: These sessions will focus on teaching basic skills in-class through exercises, allowing students to master them.
    2. 3 classes – Expertise enhancement sessions: With sufficient grip on the basics, advanced techniques will be taught at the halfway point to add value to your essay writing skills.
    3. 4 classes – Essay Discussion & Capability strengthening sessions: These sessions will cover essay questions, previous year’s topics, and provide opportunities for minor and major improvements in a staggered manner.
  2. The course will include a total of 9 tests, comprising of 1 baseline test and 8 mock tests. The tests will be evaluated in detail as per UPSC standards. To ensure comprehensive guidance and support, One-on-one feedback will be provided by Farees sir himself.
  3. The course is designed based on the proven “S.W.O.T analysis template.” This template will be generated midway through the course, taking into account your performance in the tests. It will assist students in identifying their strengths and enhancing them further, as well as recognizing their weaknesses and working on transforming them into strengths.
  4. A uniquely designed Coursebook will be issued on 15th June, which will serve as a comprehensive resource for the students. It will include designated spaces for taking notes, brainstorming, and writing essays. Additionally, it will feature sections for evaluation and the S.W.O.T analysis template. This arrangement allows all essays to be compiled in one place, facilitating integrated feedback and tracking of individual growth throughout the course.
  5. Unique value-added materials will be provided to the students during the course, aiming to enrich their essay writing content. These materials are specifically designed to provide additional knowledge and resources that can enhance the quality and depth of their essays.
  6. The course is available in both online and offline modes, catering to the preferences of students. Online students will receive a PDF version of the coursebook and the value-added materials. They will also have the opportunity to receive one-on-one feedback through platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet, ensuring personalized guidance and support.
  7. Course will begin with an open session on 08-06-2023 which is open for all and will be live-streamed on YouTube. This session aims to provide an overview of the course, its objectives, and key highlights, allowing a broader audience to gain insights into the course content and approach.
  8. The course will cover both technical and philosophical essay topics (with more emphasis on the latter), providing guidance and strategies for effectively approaching and writing essays on these diverse subjects. Students will receive comprehensive instruction on how to tackle technical topics with clarity and precision, as well as how to delve into philosophical themes with depth and critical analysis. The course aims to equip students with the necessary skills and strategies to excel in both types of essay topics.
  9. The course is specifically designed to maximize benefits while minimizing time investment, recognizing the need for candidates preparing for the mains examination to allocate their time and efforts across multiple areas such as the optional subject and GS papers. The course structure and content are tailored to provide focused and efficient guidance, ensuring that students can effectively balance their preparation while still obtaining substantial benefits in essay writing.
  10. The course offers affordable prices while providing features that are not available elsewhere. The aim is to make quality essay writing guidance accessible to a wide range of students, ensuring that they receive exceptional value for their investment. The combination of affordability and unique features sets this course apart from others in the market.
  11. Students will have continued access to guidance and feedback from Farees Sir even after the completion of the Essay Edge Course. Post-course support is offered to ensure ongoing assistance and support to students in their essay writing journey. They are encouraged to avail this support and can rely on Farees Sir for guidance even beyond the course duration.
  12. Special guidance is also available for students who are preparing for the Indian Forest Service Main Examination (IFoS Mains) and require assistance with their English essays specific to the demands of that exam.


About the Faculty:

Mr. Farees Rahman serves as the faculty for Essay as well as Ancient and Medieval Indian history at InsightsIAS. With over 7+ years of teaching experience, he has been associated with InsightsIAS as a faculty cum mentor for the past 5 years. Mr. Farees Rahman is highly esteemed among students for his distinctive teaching approaches, which are delivered with great passion, dedication, and a touch of humor. As a mentor, he is renowned for his unwavering commitment to his mentees, ensuring their continuous improvement throughout their journey.

Regarding essay writing, Mr. Farees Rahman firmly believes that it is a unique skill distinct from other General Studies (GS) subjects. He emphasizes that, like any other skill, essay writing can be mastered through sufficient practice and the right guidance. With the proper combination of practice, knowledge, and guidance, he encourages students to develop and enhance their essay writing abilities.

Mr. Farees Rahman has guided numerous aspirants over the years, using his simple yet effective approach to help them score well in the Essay paper and clear the exam. Some of the individuals he has personally assisted in building their essay competence include:

Check the Testimonial by Ms. Dhamini AIR 345 , regarding Essay Edge course conducted by Farees sir for his Mentees below:

  • Kailash T (AIR 460 in 2022) scored 118 marks in essay.“The guidance from Farees sir helped me in identifying the mistakes and areas of improvement in my essay. Furthermore, inputs given by Farees sir helped me in writing the sentences and paragraphs in simple and crisp manner, which gave my answer an organic flow and easy to read. This was reflected in the marks in essay paper, which was 119. I would like to Thank Farees sir for regular guidance and support”

Kailash T, AIR 465, 2022


“I first wrote an essay some 4 years back and calling it bad is an understatement. It is Farees sir who corrected me then and read the next 100-odd essays it took for me to get to the other side. Writing an essay is the only thing in UPSC that needs someone who constantly evaluates and guides you in the process. In this regard, Farees sir was and is my Dronacharya and my Pir(guide). Especially concerning the philosophical essays, it is Sir who made me realise that writing an essay philosophically is different from dumping philosophies in an essay. The unique insights sir brings not only help us in writing an essay to the demand but also to get a cutting edge which is becoming the need of the hour these days. Thus, it is with my utmost faith in Farees sir’s abilities with which I have been acquainted for years I can testify to the utility and necessity of this course.”

– Kannedhara Manoj Kumar, IPS
AIR 145, 2021.


  • Vivek scored 139 in 2021
  • Suhas Ram, IIS 2020, scored 139 marks in essay.
  • Sarfaraz Alam, IPS 2019, scored 128 marks in essay.
  • Yogapriyangaa S.N, IRS 2018 scored 138 marks in essay.
  • Jabeen Fathima J, IRS 2017 scored 178 marks in Essay which was the highest for that year and one of the highest ever!


Essay Edge by Farees Rahman provides students with the opportunity to gain an advantage over the competition by scoring well in their essay paper. The course offers more than just theoretical instruction; it includes practical application through in-class exercises, regular tests, SWOT template analysis, and value-added materials. As a mentor, Farees sir is not only competent and credible but also deeply committed to his students’ success. He ensures accessibility during and even after the completion of the course, making it his promise to provide continuous support and guidance. With Essay Edge, students can trust in Farees sir’s dedication to helping them excel in their essay writing journey.



  1. The baseline essay is designed to assess the current proficiency of the candidate in essay writing. Based on the evaluation of the baseline essay, personalized suggestions and feedback will be provided to improve the candidate’s essay skills. These suggestions will be discussed in one-on-one sessions, allowing for focused guidance and targeted improvement in the areas identified through the baseline essay evaluation.
  2. The W.O.T analysis template will be provided to candidates at the halfway point of the course. For this template to be prepared, students are required to have written at least 8 essays. This requirement ensures that students have sufficient practice and experience in essay writing, allowing them to effectively utilize the S.W.O.T analysis template to evaluate their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in essay writing.
  3. Test dates are flexible. However, It is highly advised to write the tests on the scheduled date to ensure timely evaluation.
  4. It is strongly advised to make full use of the one-on-one feedback provided as it is an essential and valuable aspect of the course. The personalized feedback sessions offer an opportunity to receive detailed guidance, identify areas for improvement, and address any concerns or questions regarding your essay writing. By actively engaging in the one-on-one feedback, you can maximize your learning and progress in the course.






Fee: Rs. 10000/-
Early Bird Discount : 10% till 7th June 2023


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