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International Museum Expo 2023

Facts for Prelims (FFP)

Source: PIB

 Context: The Prime Minister inaugurated the International Museum Expo 2023 in New Delhi to celebrate the 47th International Museum Day (IMD).

  • Also, India will have the world’s largest museum, Yuge Yugeen Bharat, that will capture 5,000 years of India’s history.


More about Museums:

Topic Description
Museum A museum is a place that preserves, collects, exhibits and interprets various objects and artefacts of cultural, historical, artistic, or scientific significance.
About International Museum Day Observed on 18th May every year to raise awareness about museums.
About International Council of Museum (est. 1946; HQ: Paris) Membership association and NGO that establishes professional and ethical standards for museums worldwide. The ICOM Red Lists of Cultural Objects at Risk are practical tools to curb the illegal traffic of cultural objects.
Importance of museums It serves as a repository of knowledge, providing visitors with opportunities to learn, explore, and appreciate different aspects of human history, culture, and creativity. Provides inspiration from the past and a sense of duty towards the future.
Efforts by the Indian Government Annapurna statue stolen from Banaras (recently returned from Canada), Mahishasur Mardini statue stolen from Gujarat (returned by New York’s Met Museum in 2018), and Chola Nataraja idols.
Administration of Museums in India Not all museums are administered by the Ministry of Culture. Some are run independently under a Board of Trustees.
Notable Museums in India National Museum, New Delhi; National Gallery of Modern Art, Bengaluru; Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata; Asiatic Society, Kolkata; National Museum of Natural History, New Delhi.