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Impact of Warming on the Aquatic Animals


Source: DTE

Context: According to a new study published in the eLife journal, warm waters will cause aquatic animals, particularly fish, to grow larger rather than shrink in size due to global warming.


New findings:

The study found that warm waters will increase both the growth rates and death rates of fish, resulting in a younger but larger fish population. This contradicts the previous theory that fish will grow faster at a young age but reach smaller body sizes as adults as aquatic ecosystems become warmer.


Other impacts:

Impact of Warming on Aquatic Animals Descriptions
Decreased oxygen levels Limit growth and development of some species
Changes in food availability This can lead to decreased populations
Increased prevalence of diseases and parasites Can impact populations
Bleaching of coral reefs Loss of habitat for a diverse array of species
The decline of coral reef ecosystems This can lead to declines in populations of fish and invertebrates