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Context: Scientists have discovered 19,325 new seamounts through new high-resolution data, adding to the 24,000 seamounts already mapped in a 2011 census.


About seamounts:

Seamounts are underwater mountains formed through volcanic activity and are recognized as hotspots for marine life.
Formation Near mid-ocean ridges, intraplate hotspots, or oceanic island chains
Mapping Echo sounders/multibeam sonar on ships for topographic mapping, or satellite altimetry for gravity-field mapping
Importance Provide information about mantle composition and tectonic plate evolution, influence ocean circulation and absorption of heat/CO2, and support diverse biological communities
Example The Emperor Seamounts, a chain of seamounts in the Pacific Ocean
India’s contribution The SARAL satellite, developed in collaboration with France, helped expand the seamount catalogue through improved radar noise reduction
Seamounts Vs Guyots Seamounts differ from Guyots, which are also formed from undersea volcanoes but were once above the surface of the ocean and have since submerged to form flat-topped undersea mountains.