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Examples of Ethics

GS Paper 4

 Syllabus: Ethics and human interface


Source: Various

 Context: Recent events with ethical consequences

Ethical values from the given examples:

Examples Ethical Values
IIT Delhi constitutes its first SC/ST cell for students Diversity and inclusion, addressing grievances, non-discrimination
Wrestlers protesting at Jantar Mantar against former WFI chief Justice (The lack of political will to implement the law and the obstacles faced in initiating the process of seeking justice); Lack of Accountability; Dignity of sportswomen;
Anand Mohan Singh, a former Lok Sabha MP and convicted in the murder of an IAS officer released from jail in Bihar after the jail manual was tweaked by the Bihar government. It raises questions about justice and fairness; Lack of Responsibility ( The government and its officials have a responsibility to uphold the law and ensure justice is served);
Tamil Nadu government bans online gambling, cites harm to public health Public health and safety, regulation of potentially harmful activities
Misleading Advertisement: The controversy surrounding the sugar content in Bournvita Issue of Corporate ethics; lack of transparency on the part of the company; the impact of ultra-processed foods on consumers’ health; The lack of front-of-pack labelling may deprive consumers of the ability to make informed choices