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About Khayal is a genre of Hindustani classical music, which originated in the late 16th century in Sufi communities in the region between Delhi and Jaunpur.
Origin Persia (now Iran)
Meaning of ‘Khayal’ The word “khayal” comes from Persian and means “imagination” or “idea“. It is also known as Bandish
Founder Amir Khusrau
Style Classical vocal music
Popular among Artists, musicians
Improvisation Yes
Repertoire Short songs (2-8 lines)
Composed in Specific raga and tala
Text Praise of kings, description of seasons, pranks of Lord Krishna, divine love, the sorrow of separation
Major Gharanas Gwalior (Oldest), Kirana, Patiala, Agra, Bhendibazaar
Dhrupad The khayal is related to the longer melodic form known as the dhrupad but has fewer restrictions.