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Government Introduces Aquaculture Bill

GS Paper 3


Syllabus: Agriculture

Source: The Hindu

 Context: Recently the Coastal Aquaculture Authority (Amendment) Bill, 2023 was introduced in Lok Sabha.


About Aquaculture:

  • Aquaculture refers to the production of aquatic animals and plants under controlled conditions.
Feature Description
Purpose of the bill To amend the Coastal Aquaculture Authority Act, of 2005
Introduced by Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying
Need Seeks to decriminalize certain offences listed under the earlier 2005 Act to promote ease of doing business
Operational Procedures Fine-tunes the operational procedures of the Coastal Aquaculture Authority
Promotion of Environment-friendly Practices Promotes newer forms of environment-friendly coastal aquaculture, including cage culture, seaweed culture, marine ornamental fish culture, and pearl oyster culture
Employment Opportunities Intended to create additional employment opportunities
Antibiotic Use Prohibits the use of antibiotics and pharmacologically active substances harmful to human health in coastal aquaculture

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