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Eravikulam National Park gets a fernarium

Source: The Hindu


Context: Eravikulam National Park (ENP), the natural habitat of Nilgiri tahr in Munnar, has a new attraction — a Fernarium set up inside the park.



  • A fernarium is a type of botanical garden or greenhouse that specializes in cultivating and displaying various species of ferns.
  • Ferns are part of the Epiphytic family. They grow naturally in a soilless condition. The plants obtain water and nutrients through leaching from trees.
  • Ferns are a diverse group of plants that do not produce flowers or seeds but instead reproduce through spores.


About Eravikulam National Park:

  • Declared a Sanctuary in 1975 and later a National Park (1978) with the intention of protecting the indigenous population of Nilgiri Tahr (highly endangered mountain goat).
  • “Neelakurinji”, the flower that blooms once in twelve years grows here.
  • The highest peak south of the Himalayas – the Anamudi is located here.