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[Announcement]Timetable of Initiatives posted on our website for UPSC CSE Preparation!


Dear Student,


Insights IAS always stays true to its tagline: ‘Simplifying IAS Exam Preparation’!

We post several initiatives for free on our website to empower you to crack the exam through smart study and application of knowledge gained. But another important factor needed in order to clear the exam is CONSISTENCY and DISCIPLINE!


To further simplify your preparation, we will be posting initiatives on-time in a consistent manner each day! The daily schedule henceforth:

Name of the Initiative Time posted Frequency Prelims/Mains
SECURE (Mains Answer Writing)


9:00 AM Monday-Saturday Mains


11:00 AM Monday-Saturday Prelims

Static Quiz

12:00 PM Monday-Saturday Prelims
Daily CA+PIB Summary


1:30-2 PM Monday-Saturday Prelims+Mains+Interview


3:00 PM Monday-Saturday Prelims+Mains+Interview
Sansad TV


3:30 PM Monday-Saturday Prelims+Mains+Interview
CA Quiz


4:00 PM Monday-Saturday Prelims
Insta-DART(CSAT) Quiz


5:00 PM Monday-Saturday till 13th March Prelims
RTM Quiz


6:00 PM Monday-Saturday Prelims
Mind map


7:00 PM Monday-Saturday Prelims+Mains+Interview
INSTA 75 Days Revision Plan: starts on 14th March


8:00 PM Monday-Sunday Prelims
Weekly Essay Challenge


08:00 AM Sunday Mains



We hope that you find it easier to incorporate our initiatives into your study schedule henceforth! Thank you.