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Oonchayiyan- Scale heights with Insights IAS by your side | Empowering UPSC Aspirants since 2014



Hello Dear Students!

“The best way to treat obstacles is to use them as stepping-stones. Laugh at them, tread on them, and let them lead you to something better.”
― Enid Blyton

You embarked on this difficult and deeply uncertain journey with a lot of grit and passion, with a lofty dream to become an officer and render service to the nation. Despite your circumstances, the taunts that society may hurl at you periodically, and the innumerable obstacles that threaten to hamper your progress, you stand strong, showcasing tremendous courage and determination. You focus on your goal, shutting out the noise, and continue moving forward- one step at a time.

Our founder & director, Vinay Sir, founded Insights IAS with a mission: of democratizing access to resources & knowledge for every aspirant. Sir always wanted to create a level-playing field for every civil services aspirant -irrespective of their geographic location or economic well-being.

A simple man from humble beginnings & hailing from a rural area, Sir experienced first-hand- the disadvantages one has to face if they don’t have access to resources or the right guidance needed for the exam. Thus, he made it his mission to challenge the status quo & took a small action – he started a blog over a decade ago: insightsonindia. That small action years ago has made a big impact on lakhs of students since its inception. Today, that blog has grown to become one of the top websites & a trusted guide for a civil services aspirant.

In pursuance of our noble mission – we decided to further expand our horizons & branch out into areas where most don’t venture(due to lack of profitability). We decided to truly level the playing field by offering our services in rural areas too: in the offline mode at Belludi and through online classes -which every aspirant in any corner of India can have uninterrupted access to. Taking cognizance of the fact that several rural aspirants are at a disadvantage due to unfamiliarity with the English language, we recently began a novel initiative in the UPSC CSE Coaching realm: FREE Spoken English and communication classes.

We believe in our mission of empowering every individual to fulfill their potential & chase their dreams relentlessly. We believe that this small step of ours will create a big change in the coming months.

Those who dream of climbing greater heights do not let obstacles get in their way. Insights IAS celebrates the spirit of such aspirants.
We have empowered millions of rural students through our online and offline curriculum and continue to help them achieve their dreams.

“There is nothing like a dream to create the future.”
– Victor Hugo

Do you have a dream to clear the civil services exams?
Then pursue it with all your might and with the best guide: Insights IAS !

Team Insights IAS wishes you the very best!
Continue to dream big, take consistent action, and one day you will reach great heights in life!