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We need civil society engagement in Kashmir

GS paper 2 & 3

Syllabus: Government policies and interventions for the development of various sectors and issues arising out of them etc


Directions: Important for mains, can be used as a measure in the developmental process of Jammu and Kashmir

Source: The Hindu


  • The targeting of Kashmiri Pandits and other Hindus in the Valley by militants has once again brought forward the question of their right of return as well as the safety of minorities living in the Valley.

Prime Minister’s return and rehabilitation of Kashmir migrants scheme:

  • It created government postings in the Valley for Kashmiri Pandit “migrant” youth, mostly teachers.


  • High-security enclaves: These government employees have lived in protected high-security enclaves.
  • New incidents of violence: They feel vulnerable now due to the new incidents of violence against members of the community.

What steps need to be taken?

  • Conditions on the ground: The government can enable it, but individuals and civil society can create conditions on the ground.
  • Restore trust and acknowledge mistakes: Individuals or communities will have to search their hearts for where they have wronged the other, and build the courage to acknowledge mistakes and restore trust.

Importance of Shared Witness’, a Pandit-Muslim dialogue series:

  • Participants from both communities: Public intellectuals and other influential persons from both communities were participants.
  • Prime Minister’s job Scheme: The dialogue coincided with the launching of the Prime Minister’s job scheme.
  • Social environment: These dialogues created a social environment that enabled Kashmiri Pandits to take up government postings in the Valley.
  • Displacement of Kashmiri Pandits: They focused on the events in and around 1990, and the incidents that triggered the displacement of the Pandit community.


  • Urgent civil society engagement: Between communities in Kashmir
    • This alone can create confidence, restore trust and strengthen inter-community bonds.
  • Return in peace with dignity: Engagement could also enable Pandits to fulfil the long-cherished dream of returning in peace and with dignity.


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