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My UPSC Journey |Abhijit Ray – AIR 50| UPSC CSE 2021


Hearty congratulations from the team InsightsIAS to Abhijit Ray for achieving All India Rank 50 in UPSC CSE 2021

Mr. Abhijit has shared his success story from preparation days to becoming a top ranker in UPSC Exam 2021. He has also shared how he has faced more failures than successes and how he has conquered them. How in every walk of life parents, friends, colleagues, and the people around him has motivated him to get there. He also talks about handling responsibilities, emotions & societal pressures.

He has also discussed what the UPSC Exam is all about, apart from the knowledge and the talent of clearing this exam. Even to be smart in your work it’s the hard work that has taken him there. He has explained how more attempts have given him an edge than the early attempt aspirant. And what are the things the aspirants should be vigilant about!

He has also conveyed his message to future aspirants out of his journey. IAS aspirants are advised to watch to know the inspiring journey of Abhijit Ray. Abhijit out of his learning: it is the support system and your own tenacity, stability, inspiration, and motivation that gets you out.