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[ Day 10 – June 29, 2022] 75 Days Mains Revision Plan 2022 – Society & Ethics


Q1. Is the urban culture displacing the traditionality of Indian society? Comment (10M)

Q1. Should marital rape be criminalized in India? Give your arguments. How do such laws impact the institution of marriage? 15M



  1. “Indian society continues to reinforce narrow values and beliefs that certain sections are inferior despite the best efforts to prevent this since independence”. Examine the reasons for this situation. (10M)


Case study

You have grown up in a family who are conservative in their outlook. They expect their kids to marry within their caste and religion. You are the eldest child in the family. Even though you loved a girl while in your graduation, you could not muster up the courage to marry her fearing the wrath of your family and other members in the family. You have three other younger siblings who are girls whom you love and taken care of their every needs as much as you can.

The eldest among them confesses to you that she is in love with a guy belonging to different caste and she is even willing to marry this guy despite any opposition from the family. Though you support her decision, you are afraid your parents will not let her carry on with this decision. You are concerned about your parents as well your sister’s well-being in the near future. You are also afraid for your other sisters that they might not find suitable groom within your caste since your family will be socially ostracized if you allow your sister to marry outside the caste.

In this context, answer the following questions:

  1. What are the options available to you in the present situation? Debate their pros and cons.
  2. What will be your course of action? Justify your course of action adequately.