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Content for Mains Enrichment (Ethics/Essay):

Redefining gender roles in India


Gurugram-based Udit Saini and his wife decided to have a baby, they got thinking about how they would tackle their kid’s growing-up years. Among their friends, very few took work off to take care of their children and the difference between the children was so evident and drastic- social disconnect, low confidence, and digital addiction were a few major to notice.

Even the incidents of maids physically abusing kids have been highlighted in various scenarios.

So as to give a good future and overall growth to their kids, Udit Saini left his job to take care of the baby. Many other husbands are happily giving up their professional careers to take care of household work and kids.

This incident highlights redefining gender roles in India.


Challenges faced by Stay Home Dads:

  1. Societal pressure and stereotypes – among relatives and friends.

Social gatherings and outings with friends become awkward as people start a conversation about how work is going. So gradually one gets cut off from these.

  1. Education System:

Schools are reluctant in addressing the fact that the father is unemployed, they wouldn’t even consider if the mother earns however much.

As per the point system for the admission of kids, the father being a primary parent loses a lot of points.

  1. Other issues:

Getting property on rent can be a problem if the father isn’t earning, no matter if the mother has a job.

Parenting groups in residential societies are mom-dominated with Whatsapp group messages addressed only to “mothers”. Play dates are a chance for mothers to get together and this sidelines stay-at-home dads.


Why gender roles should be redefined:

  • Kids will understand and feel that there is no dominance of a particular gender.
  • Becoming a primary parent gives chance and the time for fathers to explore carpentry, cooking, dancing, and painting which are otherwise considered to be of women/mothers.
  • This setup allows the young family to exercise their right of choice.


Current Affairs 


Zainika Jagasia, a 19-YO Model With Down Syndrome


Zainika Jagasia from Mumbai was born with down syndrome and has fought many battles to become a model and professional baker.

(Down syndrome is the most common genetic cause of intellectual disability, affecting approximately 1 in every 700 children)

The ever-supportive parents then spent 8 to 10 hours a day with their child in occupational, physical, and speech therapy when Zainika was just months old.

The bright girl is now a popular figure on social media with her baking skills. During the first lockdown, she got into professional baking with her sister, Gitika Jagasia, who runs a bakery called Homebred by Gitika.

This incident highlights how disabilities are not a barrier to personal as well as societal growth if treated properly. Rather than considering disabilities as a burden they should be given special care and support so that they also become a valuable member of society and have the feeling of self-dignity.


Current Affairs