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AI (Artificial intelligence) and Ethics: Can the new Google chatbot be sentient?

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Google engineers claim that Language Models for Dialog Applications or LaMDA is sentient AI. He claims that the neural network with deep learning capacity has the consciousness of a child of seven or eight years old. He argues that consent from the software must be obtained before experiments are run on it.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science dealing with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers.

E.g: Facebook’s facial recognition software which identifies faces in the photos we post, the voice recognition software that translates commands we give to Alexa, etc are some of the examples of AI already around us.


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How intelligent are AI’s?

To test the intelligence of machines Alan Turning devised a practical solution. Place a computer in a closed room and a human in another. If an interrogator interacting with the machine and the human cannot discriminate between them, then Turing said that the computer should be construed as ‘intelligent’.

Counter View:

A baby learns a language from close interaction with caregivers and not by acquiring a massive amount of language data. Moreover, whether intelligence is the same as sentience is questionable.

Is the technology dangerous?

Unethical AI perpetuating historical bias and echoing hate speech may cause the real dangers to society.

E.g: If AI is to select candidates for any supervisory role then Women and marginalized communities hardly get in as AI would analyze centuries-old data, which would exclude these sections as they were discriminated against during that time.