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[Admissions Open] Insta – Writing Improvement & Leverage (I-WIL 2022) Program – UPSC Mains Test Series– 2022





Full Package (Total Tests : 28)Fee:24000/- Incl. taxes

Starts From: 15th June 2022

Early Bird Offer: 15% discount till 15th June 2022

Old Subscriber Discount: 20%

Mode of Tests: Online/Offline


Please note that we have removed the distinction between Online Test Series & Offline Test Series. You can now choose to write each test in the online mode or offline mode at our Bengaluru, Delhi, Lucknow, Hyderabad and Srinagar Centres.


Note: I-WIL is also available with different packages:

Essay Package (7 Tests) : Fee : Rs. 7000/- incl. taxes

Ethics Package (6 Tests) : Fee: 6000/- incl. taxes

Simulation Package(10 Tests) : Fee: 9000/- incl. Taxes




InsightsIAS is happy to launch its enriching and most fruitful I-WIL Program for UPSC Mains – 2022

Whenever you are under self-doubt or in trouble, it is the Will power that will help you push your limits to achieve success. You will have to say in that moment I can and I WILL do it’. Success has no shortcut. You will have to earn your success through sheer hard work.

In order to score high in Mains, one must be able to think smartly in the examination hall to write relevant, precise, meaningful and concise answers in all General Studies papers. One must be able to show their presence of mind to come up with an answer that addresses the full demand of the question. This ability to do justice to each question in the exam hall comes with only rigorous practice. Your desire to score highest marks in Mains GS papers will fructify only when you have an opportunity to try various methods over the period of next three months again and again to arrive at the most suitable structure and presentation in your answers.

Our Mains Test Series program, which has helped many toppers in the past seeks to help you not only improve your writing speed but also help you improve writing skills holistically in order to score high marks in all the GS papers and Essay papers.

[ CHECK THE TOPPER’S COPIES HERE – Mr. Avinash AIR 31 UPSC CSE 2021, Ms. Gamini Singla AIR 3,UPSC CSE 2021]

We have named this program as ‘I-WIL’ keeping in mind your ultimate desire to clear this exam in THIS very attempt, no matter what the odds are against you.

Last year, InsightsIAS Mains test series was appreciated both for its quality and on-time feedback by subscribers, many of whom went on to score excellent marks in Mains and subsequently ended up as UPSC CSE toppers. The intensive regime of 28 tests which will also include 7 full length Essay papers gives you sufficient practice to feel confident of clearing Mains.

The I-WIL Program for UPSC Mains 2022 will be a game changer for anyone willing to increase their Mains marks substantially.

It is popularly said that “Success is actually a state of mind”!

An optimistic and confident state-of-mind will go a long way in securing your confirmed seat for the Interview stage. The repetitive use of ‘I-WIL’ in all 28 tests, we hope, will instil confidence in you.

We believe that if one puts their efforts sincerely and with good intention with optimism, results will be positive.

Our holistic set of guidelines w.r.t our synopsis making and evaluation of papers, standardisation in awarding marks so as to avoid any subjectivity during evaluation (including Essays) and thorough training given to our team of evaluators makes our Test Series highly beneficial and trustworthy for an aspirant willing to invest wisely in securing good marks.

Many of our Test Series students Gamini Singla (AIR 3), Avinash V (Rank 31) Anjali Shrotriya (Rank 44), Kumar Shivashish(Rank171) having scored extraordinary marks in Ethics and Essay papers, stand testimony to the advantages of our Test Series.
Our OGP 2021 Student – Avinash V. has also scored the one of the highest in the Essay paper in UPSC CSE 2021.





    1. There will be Total of 28 tests21 Full Length GS Tests and 7 Full Length Essay Tests (Among 21 GS tests, first 8 Tests are Sectional but will have 20 questions each). No other test series provides these many tests with full evaluation within a span of 80 days. You will have an extra definite advantage by joining this test series.
    2. FOUR rounds of revision of entire Mains GS syllabus is possible by adhering to our timetable.
    3. More emphasis on Full Length Tests to provide intensive practice where a candidate can improve both speed and quality of his/her answers thereby ensuring efficient time management.
    4. There are 7 Essay (full length) tests. Considering the importance of Essay in UPSC Civil Services Mains exam, our expert feedback and extensive practice can contribute immensely in scoring well in this paper.
    5. Question cum Answer Booklets provided (Only English medium)
    6. Detailed feedback on answers by expert evaluation that is trained hard by Team Insights.
    7. Comprehensive Synopsis for each test.
    8. Discussion of Tests in classroom after every test by our expert faculties (Video of the same will be provided online for online test series subscribers)
    9. Evaluation of copies within 5-7 Days of submission.
    10. Even the Simulation Tests (Final set of full-length tests) will be evaluated and personal feedback is given.
    11. All Tests will be conducted under strict exam like condition with fixed timing for Offline students. We will strictly NOT entertain anyone who comes late to write tests. Only in special cases (for working professionals), we will provide tests in the evening that too on-demand. To bring seriousness and to provide real exam-like feeling, all tests will be conducted in one time slot for all candidates. (Test timings will be intimated once registrations are over)

Such are the far-reaching benefits, I-WIL can potentially have on its highly dedicated followers. It will be of no surprise when a majority of these subscribers convert into toppers in the near future. InsightsIAS highly recommends its students to integrate I-WIL with their existing Mains Examination study plans and experience its advantages themselves.





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