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India finally holds talks with Afghanistan’s Taliban govt:

GS Paper 2:

Syllabus: India’s neighbourhood relations.


Afghanistan’s Taliban govt:


For the first time since the Taliban takeover, India has sent an official delegation to Afghanistan, led by J.P. Singh, joint secretary at MEA.


Areas of discussion:

Resumption of stalled infrastructure projects, activation of diplomatic ties, and restarting the issue of visas for Afghan students and patients.


India’s assistance so far:

  • In terms of humanitarian assistance, India has sent 20,000 metric tonnes (MT) of wheat, 13 tonnes of medicines, 500,000 doses of Covid vaccines, and winter clothing for the Afghan people so far.
  • This aid has been distributed through international organisations like the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the World Food Programme, and UNICEF because India doesn’t have people on the ground to distribute it.


India’s stand on Afghanistan after Taliban takeover:

  • Under India’s presidency, UNSC adopted resolution 2593. It stated that the territory of Afghanistan is not to be used to threaten any country or shelter terrorists.
  • Participated in the UN High-Level Meeting on the Humanitarian Situation in Afghanistan held in September. In this meeting, India called for normalisation of regular commercial operations of Kabul airport which could help the flow of relief material to Afghans.
  • India hosted the Delhi Regional Security Dialogue on Afghanistan in November 2021.


What’s the issue?

Taliban has taken full control of Afghanistan. People have no jobs and incomes. Over 22 million Afghans will suffer food insecurity last winter as a drought driven by climate change adds to their woes. This will force them to choose between migration and starvation.

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Significance of Afghan stability :

  • Can have spill over to Neighbouring central Asian countries like Tajikistan, Uzbekiatan etc
  • Taliban resurgence will revive extremism in the region and the region can become a safe sanctuary for Let,ISIS etc.
  • Civil war in Afghanistan will lead to a refugee crisis in Central Asia and beyond.
  • Afghanistan’s stability will help the Central Asian countries with the shortest access to the seaports of the Indian ocean.
  • Afghanistan has been an important link in the regional trade, cultural, playing the role of a connecting bridge for Central and the rest of the world.


Why is it imperative now for India to engage with the Taliban?

  • Taliban is now having a significant presence in Afghanistan.
  • India is already having huge investments in Afghanistan.To secure assets worth $3 billion, India should engage with all parties in Afghanistan.
  • Taliban engaging with Pak deep state will not be in India’s best interest.
  • If India does not engage now Russia, Iran, Pakistan and China will emerge as the shapers of Afghanistan’s political and geopolitical destiny, which for sure will be detrimental to Indian interests.


Need of the hour:

  • Urgent need to collectively act for the safety of Afghan civilians by checking violence by Taliban
  • Afghanistan should be given enough space in Central Asian architectures like SCO (Shanghai cooperation organisation)
  • The USA,Iran,China,and Russia should actively involve India to maintain stability in Afghanistan.
  • Unified action for the refugee crisis if it arises.
  • Indian engagement with Taliban to maintain peace with immediate neighbours.


Insta Curious:

Know about the US- Taliban peace deal:



Prelims Link:

  1. About Taliban.
  2. Afghan Crisis.
  3. About NATO.
  4. India’s investments in Afghanistan Projects.

Mains Link:

Discuss why India should engage with Afghanistan now.


Q.1) Afghanistan is bordered by:

    1. Turkmenistan
    2. Uzbekistan
    3. Tajikistan

Choose the correct answer using the codes given below:

    1. 1 only.
    2. 2 only.
    3. Both.
    4. None.

Sources: the Hindu.