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Long wait for a Deputy Speaker for Lok Sabha

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Topics covered: Parliament


Context: Post of Deputy-speaker in Lok Sabha (LS) still remains vacant

More on this news:

  • Delhi High Court directed the central government to explain its stand over the issue of not holding elections to the post of Deputy Speaker of LS. The position has remained vacant for last 830 days
  • Keeping the post of deputy speaker vacant is a violation of Article 93 of the Indian constitution.
  • A Deputy Speaker enjoys the same legislative powers as the Speaker. And in absence of the Speaker because of death, illness or any other reason, the Deputy Speaker also assumes the administrative powers.
  • The responsibility to elect a Deputy Speaker is the responsibility of the House
  • By parliamentary convention in recent times, the post of Deputy-Speaker usually went to a member from the major opposition party in the house.
  • The delay in electing a Deputy Speaker has been attributed to lack of opposition strength of elect a candidate of their choice, lackadaisical attitude of the present central government to nominate a suitable candidate to the post
  • Currently, when Speaker is not preceding over the house, a member from the panel from the panel of Chairperson precede over the house
  • There is a constitution-mandated panel of 10 members to preside over the proceedings of the Lok Sabha in the absence of Speaker.

About Deputy Speaker:

  • Article 93 of the Constitution provides for the election of both the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker.
  • The constitutional office of the Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha is more symbolic of parliamentary democracy than some real authority.
  • There is no need to resign from their original party though as a Deputy Speaker, they have to remain impartial.

Roles and functions: They act as the presiding officer in case of leave or absence caused by death or illness of the Speaker of the Lok Sabha.


  • Usually, the Deputy Speaker is elected in the first meeting of the Lok Sabha after the General elections from amongst the members of the Lok Sabha.
  • It is by convention that position of Deputy Speaker is offered to opposition party in India.

Tenure and removal:

  • They hold office until either they cease to be a member of the Lok Sabha or they resign.
  • They can be removed from office by a resolution passed in the Lok Sabha by an effective majority of its members.


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Prelims Link:

  1. Constitutional provisions related to the office of Deputy Speaker.
  2. Roles and functions.
  3. Appointment and election.
  4. Does he need to resign from his party after being elected?
  5. Tenure and removal.

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The constitutional office of the Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha is more symbolic of parliamentary democracy than some real authority. Discuss.

Source: The Hindu