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[Mission 2022] InstaMotivation@9pm – Trouble But Not Defeat by Byron Pulsifer


Sometimes, problems appear so big and real that they are going to stay forever. We will start thinking that we have reached the dead end, tunnel without any hope of light. Many give up their journeys, give up their dreams, and even give up their life in this situation. No problems, No Success, No failures are permanent here. Existence gives us a fresh chance everyday to start our life afresh. We can start from wherever we are, at whatever starting point we are, We can definitely reach a promised land. We can definitely live a decent, peaceful and fulfilling life. What we need to keep inside is HOPE. You need to keep saying to yourself, ‘this too shall pass’. Nothing can defeat you other than YOU. Nothing can take you to glory other than YOU.


Underneath our feet we find

Those branches and thorns grind.

Why is so life so mean

It is as if no other scene.

Through life, you know, you will find

We sometimes just close our minds.

Those solutions we so desperately want

All appear like yesterday’s many tyrants.

But, do not trouble or be dismayed

There are good days on the way.

When you look beyond the norm

You’ll find you need not conform.

Be bold, be happy, be confident

You are not meant to lament.

These things so sure today

Can vanish without delay.

So when trouble comes your way

Do not accept defeat and ruin your day

Move forward with a focused view

Stay positive in all you do.