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[UPSC CSE 2020] Interview Transcript 8



1. What were the you doing after graduation ( mbbs )?
2. Why didn’t you work during covid ?
3. Major crops in yavatmal?
4. Should we change crop pattern?


Member 1:

1. Vaccine initiative under quad ? Responsibilities of each nation ?
Relations with Africa ?

Member 2:

1. What is your view on govt focus on health insurance ?
2. What is your view on ayush practicing modern medicine ? Why opposition ?
Tech and healthcare ?

Member 3:

1. View on alternative medicine
2. Enumerate malpractices
3. What should we do?


Member 4:

1.WW2 countries ,year ,consequences
2. Enumerate wars by India and year
3. Why do you want to be civil servant?
4. What happens with your bond?



1. If there is war and trained soldier sits at home and study to become health sec, What do you think about it?

Me: i said i was active during covid and took call on telemedicine

Ch: Is that enough ,thanks for giving time to those poor who could afford to have teleconsultation with you.
You should read your Hippocratic oath


Thank you