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[UPSC CSE 2020] Interview Transcript 4



Read the daf out aloud.

1. What have you done between 2014 and 2019?
Me: I have been wholeheartedly engaged in civil services preparation madam. It has been a long journey.

2. Why did you start teaching as opposed to taking up a job in civil Engineering? What do you teach?
Me: Towards the end of 2019 in ordered to sustain myself and my preparation I have started teaching students who prepare for civil services in the basic concepts of Indian economy, agriculture, problems in agriculture and so on. I chose this because it would also help me prepare for the exam simultaneously.

3. But why economics? Your optional is Mathematics know?
Me: Yes madam I was open to teaching other subjects as well. The choice of economics is based on availability of openings at that point of time when i joined.

4. So why are the stock markets booming?
Me: I can think of a few reasons madam. Firstly world over during covid countries has two choices. to go for structural reforms or increase liquidity in the market to improve the demand. most countries chose liquidity injection and this is being invested in India in the form of foreign portfolio investment and so on. secondly the savings of the people in general increased

4.1 No the savings have decreased no. (other members also mumble the same). If you look at the epfo earnings people are withdrawing because of lack of savings .
Me: thanks for pointing that out madam. It might be true. I have the date of the first quarter of 2020 where the Savings increased by 20 percent.

4.2 But that is just one quarter no. the Savings have declined overall.
Me: Thank you madam, i ll read more about it.

4.3 Other reasons?
Me: I can think of one other reason madam. a survey of 2100 listed companies has been done and it was found that they registered profits because of laying offs, steps taken by the government to postpone interest payments or rents and so on. this is one of the other reasons and madam nodded

5. What is this covid food relief campaign that you have done?
Me: In the first phase of the lockdown the messes were closed and the maids and house-helps weren’t available because of the lockdown. in order to prevent starvation and hunger it was an initiative to provide food for the students 100 in number and this later increased to 150

6. Ok but what have you done in it specifically?
Me: I have coordinated with the NGO called gobharti foundation for the food supply. i have taken the help of seniors to take passes for our movement. we have set up multiple counters to prevent cluttering of students. we have faced problems in this initiative but i was able to continue this until lockdown relaxations came . madam said good.


Member 1:

1. Visakhapatnam has a steel plant is it?
Me: Yes sir. It is called rashtriya ispat nigam limited.

2. So tell me how steel is produced as in what are the inputs of steel?
Me: From what i know the inputs include limestone and iron ore. but i ll have to read more about the other inputs.
member says- you don’t have to read anything. that is all that goes majorly with some other minor elements.
Thank you sir.

3. what is the contribution of Ambedkar?
Me: Firstly has has brought the dalit movement to the forefront and he was able to show the atrocities and problems faced by dalits and he worked for them. secondly he helped in the creation of an inclusive humane and welfare society by drafting the constitution.

4. So is that a reality. are the dalits doing well now?
Me: certainly not sir. the atrocities against the dalits is still high and the same has been pointed out by reports of ncrb and so on. secondly even to this day if an upper caste boy wantes to marry a dalit girl or even vice versa there is a lot of resistance.

5. So what should we do?
Me: can i take some time sir?
Yes please.( i wrote fee points down quickly)

Me: firstly we have to change the perception in the society that dalits or others are the same as everyone else in terms of constitutional rights or even by the laws of nature. for this education of the young minds is important so that they see others as equal to themselves. Next we have to make sure that we implement the provisions of affirmative action to improve their social standing . lastly from a policing point of view we need to make sure that the atrocities against dalits are fast tracked for faster justice.
member says – good

Member 2:

1. Do you know about the oilseeds and pulses program?
Me: I am not very aware about it sir. I will read more.

2. I will give you a hint. its related to increasing the oilseeds production. it is a very big component of imports . how much is it ?
Me: Around 20 metric tonnes sir but i am not very sure.

3. In dollar value I mean?
Me: I am not very sure sir.

4. Ok leave it. tell me about the water scheme which telangana has launched. it is mission bhagirathri right?
Me: I am not very well versed with it sir.

5. What is its impact in Telangana . think and answer .
Me: Sir, logically i would believe that the rice cultivation and the sugarcane cultivation must have increased.

6. That is correct . with all the hints i have given. members speak to themselves saying everyone there is growing rice.

7. So you are from Telangana or Andhra?
Me: Sir Andhrapradesh , Visakhapatnam

8. Tell me about the crops of each district of andhra pradesh?
Me: Sir i will start from the bottom. rayalaseema has four districts namely cuddapah , kurnool.

9. No I know the districts. Just give the crops fast. We have time constraints.
Me: Yes sir. Mangoes and orchard farming in rayalseema region. chillies in guntur nellore region. rice and sugarcane in east and west godavari region. next we have turmeric rice and some other crops in the north andhra region of Srikakulam, vijianagaram and vizag.
(member not very satisfied)

Member 3:

1. so tell me the schools have closed and the children have not gone anywhere from home. the marks were given for cbse etc without even exams. do we need such system as in do we need exams ? and what about digital education why cant we just continue with it because it js very easy.

Me: sir i would like to answer this in two parts . firstly with respect to the exams i think an end exam which decides everything for the student isnt desirable. maybe a continuous comprehensive evaluation over the year is more useful with an end semester exam having say 40-50 percent marks

2. but why have an end semester exam ? isn’t continuous comprehensive evaluation sufficient?
Me: (fumbled ) sir the aim is to create a skilled workforce with some common standards and this will be ensured if we have some uniformity in the form of end sem exam

3. but these are children and they aren’t exactly trying for jobs. ok second part?
Me: Sir , I think continuing only with digital education has its problems. we have a situation where most children live in one or two room houses and it is difficult for them to concentrate on online classes. secondly a family of four or five are dependent on the same Wi-Fi and it decreases the buffering speed of classes . and the most important reason is that a student who goes to school not just learns from teachers but also from peers and he learns to gel well with society . maybe a blended system is the way forward but offline component needs to be there.


4. But you say offline learning and we don’t have enough schools or teachers or infrastructure. we are winding already present schools.

Me: Sir in that case we should look into ways in which we can provide this infrastructure for the people because it is what is guaranteed by the constitution. and from a civil engineering perspective we can think of eays in which we can construct these school buildings or make them remunerative. for example 20-30 solar panels generate 1000 units fo electricity and this can give some income or cut down costs. also waste can be utilised to construct building and so on.
member nods and agrees

Member 4-(felt she was hostile)

1. So you work in coaching. should coaching industry be regulated and why?
Me: can I take some time madam.

(yes sure. wrote few words down.)
Yes madam. there is need of regulation madam. firstly there are some good parts in the coaching institutes for they hire the best talent and provide quality assignments and education for the children . this increases the chance of clearing the examination. but on the flip side there are problems as well in that the fees of coaching say iit coaching is exorbitant to the tune of 1.75 lakhs per year. and this is very inaccessible to a child from tribal area of Andhra Pradesh or otherwise. so we do need regulation to improve the good part and cut down the negative part.

2. Why not just go on with coaching and stop all public schools. the products of coaching do not know what a lab is and they have fake degrees. you must be known about it in civil services or IIT preparation.
Me: I am not very aware.

2.1- Arey you must be knowing about how the records of students are written by coaching institutes.
Me: Yes madam at the iit coaching level I do know this happens and this wrong doing must definitely stop through proper regulation.

3. Why not make the curriculum of iit in line with CBSE so that people from public schools as well do well in exams. should we not do it?
Me: Madam i think even if the curriculum is brought in line the examination of IIT is difficult and requires a good amount of practice and very good teaching. at the moment it is not available in the public school system. But I do understand the point madam . the idea should be to ultimately create a public school system where we will be able to increase the competency of students so that they dont have to go for coaching centers as such.

4. Presidential system is the best compared to parliamentary form. it is my view. what is your opinion?
Me: (was nervous by now) from the limited understanding I have if there one keader at the helm it might turn into a totalitarianism in some time…sorry not totalitarianism but dominance over other organs of the state. so I feel parliamentary system is better. but I will need to read more on this madam

5. What are the advantages of a presidential system?
Me: The policies can be implemented faster in a presidential system madam . I am able to recall this only at the moment.
interview is over. thank you. chair didn’t ask questions in the end. interview was close to 30-33 minutes

Felt like the board members didn’t have pointed questions especially the last two members and it was difficult to understand what they actually wanted to ask because they kept saying things in between.
Was calm throughout , except for the ending where I used the word totalitarianism. My take on the interview is that it started well but it slowly tapered down as time passed by .