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[UPSC CSE 2020] Interview Transcript 2


Chairman :

{ Explained the process of the test. Made me feel very comfortable(You  can drink water anytime, write anything, wipe your glasses & face, ask to repeat Questions any number of times etc) [Nearly for a min] }


1. Read out my achievements, academic records, NCC etc. and said there’s nothing below 98. Excelled in everything. So there must have always been great pressure on you all the time.

Me: Emphasized on my interests in them which gave me pleasure & so didn’t feel pressured


2. Ok. That’s how you see it. You’re even cleared ND4-134 batch. Why didn’t you join?

Me : Explained about  medical disqualification [ conversation on what Spondiolomylothesis is…..]


3. I think the armed force are at a loss for missing such a candidate, and I hope the civil services will be lucky to have you. ( Then ‘Q’ on preference)

4. What were your preferences for NDA?

Me: Air, Arm, Navy

5. Read about RUSH [ Rise Up Serve Humanity] aloud and talked about how tribal children are disadvantaged. Then asked me to share my experience on their issues majorly as what we saw.

Me: Narrated how it was difficult to even approach then for first few times. Language barrier.

Trust barrier. How their education status was. And our approach initially of English and Kannada books wasn’t successful but later their native language story books were.


Member 1 :

1. Population Control Bill. What is your opinion on that?

Me: Sir, I’m sorry I couldn’t hear it. Can you please repeat that.

[Repeats the ‘Q’]


Me: Policy on Population stabilization is needed for better standard of living and limited resources. The goals of UP and Assam govt is good in this regard. But, I don’t believe the incentive, disincentive method is good for pursuing this. It can lead to more sex-selective abortion, divorces, women issues. As contraceptives aren’t yet prevalent, we need to first increase health infrastructure and promote contraceptives as well as women education


2. What is TFR- of India? What is its role here?

Me: TFR = 2.2, Replacement rate ideal = 2.1, Very close


3. So, We are nearly stable population, why would we need a population policy? Most states already aging.

Me: States of UP (TFR = 2.7), Bihar – more than 3 TFR need to control their population for future needs. States of south India have lower TFR without any such incentive/disincentive method and I believe similar gradual approach of northern states will balance our young population(demo dividend).

[Can’t remember, but asked 1  or 2 more Questions]


Member 2 (lady):


1. Talked about disabled children and their problems in accessing education despite being law(RTE). What is the issue behind this?

 Me: Took example of my own secondary school. Poor disabled friendly infra, so less than 5 disabled out of more than 1500 strength, said newer laws like Rights  of People with disabilities & Accessible India making this better now.


2. Added few points on how RTE had all provisions for disable friendliness, but still couldn’t perform. Why so? Are you saying there are flaws in the government and policies?

Me : I’m not exactly aware of these provisions in RTE, but the fault lies mainly in the implementation of any policy. Our school never enforced it, no higher authorities enforced it on our school. This implementation is being tackled in last few years and will be better in future definitely


3. Asked me about what we actually worked for the disabled and how is education progressing there?

Me: Talk about Neerekshe school where we volunteered. How  they incorporated livelihood training alongside curriculum to increase education broader sense. Making of soaps, phenols, pots etc., for their future.



Member 3:


1. Talked about my academic and how important for people like me to join as teacher, scientist. Why IAS ?

Me: Honestly ma’am, my dream started after clearing NTSE when teachers & parents told me about IAS, its competitiveness . Though i was immature back then, as I grew up, I realised my interests, skills learned would better serve civil services, with the dynamism of job and the satisfaction it provides.


M3 : Oh. Ok. If that is how you see it. (smiling).


2. Mysuru, is a beautiful city. I have visited Lakshmi Vilas Palace and Dasara celebrated there. Tell me about it .

Me: Talk about Jayalakshmi Vilas palace. Then about Dasara which occurs in Amba Vilas palace or Mysuru palace


3. When was this built?

Me: Not aware of the original year, but in 1890’s it was rebuilt after a fire accident, the present structure now visible.


4. Talks about destitute girls. Ask me to explains my work with them.

Me : Talk about Shaktidhama project. About nearly 96 girls of Devadasi, rape victims, orphans of varying age- 18 month project. Initially difficult. Extracurricular activities like Treasure hunt, rhymes, games to teach them.


5.  So what is this shaktidhama. Is it government centre?

Me: It is a govt aided rehab centre owned by a private trust.


6. Tells me how important it is for upcoming generation to have social work orientation. Asks me how do we help build that is future generation?


Me: Talked about how we are brought up mainly as individual-centric in every aspect, but actually are always result of social co-operation. So need to nurture children in family, education by making them feel blessed of what they have. We should feel we are all in this world together to develop empathy.

Then talked about social media usage to promote and used my own example.


Member 4:


1. Tell me the difference between rotting and fermentation

Me: Explained well


2. Tell me what do you think about setting up of stem cell banks in India? Do we need it?

Me: Yes, definitely Uses of it- R&D of future, gene therapy, treating genetic disorders of future generation, personalized medicine and even in Public health care.


3. Explains further applications of stem cell banks. Continues by asking do you know what histocompatibility is?

Me: Explained


4. Let me go out of Biotechnology. You are interested in under standing human mind and intelligence. What is intelligence according to you?

Me: Explained


5.  Intelligence comes in various  forms- AI, social intelligence, Intelligence in security. So tell me what you understand by intelligence in security?

Me: (Couldn’t form proper sentence structuring).

Any information unavailable in common media but to govt agencies which are crucial in dealing with national threats and security. (added I’m sorry, unable to give clear sentence)


6. Explains to me what it actually means clearly. (I said, Thank you)



Continued earlier talk on IG in security by giving his quote.

1. Ok, you are interested in evolution. Tell me the name of the book of Charles Darwin in which he propounded his theories on ……

Me: I’m unable to recall it now.


2. Ok, you are also a zoology student. You have to tell me if Charles Darwin talked about human evolution in that book?

Me: (Knew the answer, but wasn’t very clear). Sir, I need to go back and look more on that


3. He didn’t. Explained and told me to read about it as it is very amazing.

4. This will be my parting question to you. You said how we need to know about the blessings we get in our life. So tell me how do you comprehend for the quote of(Name cant recall), ‘we should certainly count our blessings, but we should make our blessings count’.

Me: Explained my idea on giving back to society, govt, family etc. as a whole.


5. Said concluding line on this conversation about giving back to society and how it is very crucial now. What do you want to do now?



Thank you Your interview is over.