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China, Pak. outline ‘joint action’ to align Afghanistan strategies

Topics Covered: India and its neighbourhood- relations.

China, Pak. outline ‘joint action’ to align Afghanistan strategies:


China and Pakistan have announced to closely cooperate and work together in Afghanistan amid the changing situation in the country.



Both China and Pakistan are most directly affected by the situation in Afghanistan” as its neighbours and it is “necessary for both sides to strengthen cooperation to cope with the change.


They have outlined a five-point joint plan on working in Afghanistan. This includes:

  1. Avoid the expansion of war and prevent Afghanistan from falling into a full-scale civil war.
  2. Promote the intra-Afghan negotiations between Kabul and the Taliban and establish “a broad and inclusive political structure”.
  3. Resolutely combat terrorist forces.
  4. Promote cooperation among Afghanistan’s neighbours” and “explore the construction of a platform for cooperation among them”.
  5. Closely work on international fora on the Afghan issue.



Many countries criticise the hasty U.S. withdrawal of troops for having neither fulfilled the purpose of fighting terrorism nor brought peace to Afghanistan but created a new security black hole.


What happened in Afghanistan so far?

A month after 9/11 attacks, the US launched airstrikes against Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom).

After the attacks, the NATO coalition troops declared war on Afghanistan.

  • The US dislodged the Taliban regime and established a transitional government in Afghanistan.
  • Now, in July 2020, the US troops departed from the biggest airbase in Afghanistan after the 20-year-long war, effectively ending their military operations in the country.


What next for India?

  1. India’s Afghan policy is at a major crossroads; to safeguard its civilian assets there as well as to stay relevant in the unfolding ‘great game’ in and around Afghanistan, India must fundamentally reset its Afghanistan policy.
  2. India must, in its own national interest, begin ‘open talks’ with the Taliban before it is too late. The time for hesitant, half-embarrassed backchannel parleys is over.
  3. If India is not proactive in Afghanistan at least now, late as it is, Russia, Iran, Pakistan and China will emerge as the shapers of Afghanistan’s political and geopolitical destiny, which for sure will be detrimental to Indian interests.


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Sources: the Hindu.