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MISSION 2022 : Simplifying your Preparation to Crack UPSC CSE 2022



During these times of uncertainties what you need most is discipline. As we are still unsure if the present pandemic is ever going to end, you cannot prepare for UPSC civil services exam without a detailed and well meaning plan. Especially if you are preparing for this exam with a hope of cracking it in 2022, you must follow a plan that will not only keep you busy but also will help you improve your skills and abilities necessary to crack this exam.

Therefore we are coming with a plan for everyone who’s in need of direction and guidance to stay consistent for next one year. This is MISSION-2022. Under this all our initiatives will be streamlined to align your preparation with a specific schedule where there will be synchrony between all initiatives that you are following(or will follow).


For one year irrespective of whether you are preparing through self study or through coaching, you will be given a plan that integrates prelims, mains and interview preparation.

The plan starts from August 15. You will get this plan on 31st July 2021.


This is a free initiative for all aspirants preparing for UPSC Civil Services Exam 2022. This plan is something that’s going to positively change the way you are preparing for this exam – with focus on making you work hard predictively and efficiently in the right direction.


Don’t forget to bookmark this post and Mark the date – July 31, 2021.


Let’s beat the pandemic and let’s (help you) crack this exam in one attempt.